Pete Kadens Net Worth

Pete Kadens Net Worth

The net worth of Pete Kadens has been growing steadily over the years. He is a successful businessman and philanthropist. His charitable work includes organizations like the Kadens Family Foundation, SoCore Energy, and HOPE Chicago. His net worth is estimated at $5 million.

SoCore Energy

Peter Kadens has built his net worth through his business ventures. The serial entrepreneur has started three different companies and has helped to employ thousands of people. He is currently the Chairman of The Kadens Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on closing educational and wealth gaps. He also recently retired as CEO of Green Thumb Industries, which is one of the biggest publicly traded cannabis operators in the country. He started his first company, SoCore Energy, in 2008. SoCore is one of the biggest commercial solar companies in the country, with clients like Walgreens, JC Penney, and Simon Properties.

In addition to running SoCore Energy, Mr. Kadens is also a founder of the nonprofit Headbands of Hope, which donates hair accessories to ailing children. His net worth is estimated at $15 million. The businessman has also volunteered to help other nonprofits. He has served on the board of directors of the Marijuana Policy Project and serves on the board of directors of several philanthropic organizations.


Pete Kadens is a serial entrepreneur who founded three companies in 16 years. The most recent of these, GTI, was named the best-performing stock in Illinois in 2018. After leaving GTI in August 2018, he continues to serve on the board of directors. He also participates in various organizations that seek to change lives. He served as Chairman Emeritus of StreetWise from 2009 until 2018, when he left the company to pursue other opportunities.

In addition to founding StreetWise, Kadens is involved in five other nonprofits. He previously served as chairman of the Chicago-based organization, which aimed to improve the lives of the city’s homeless. He also founded SoCore Energy, which he sold to Edison International in 2013. In addition to StreetWise, Kadens is active in the Chicago innovation and cannabis trade industries.

The Kadens Family Foundation

Pete Kadens’ net worth is estimated to be at least $14 million. He is a former president of the StreetWise Association and has founded several businesses and organizations. His career began in 2000 when he was employed by UBS in its finance and sales division. Although his salary was not disclosed publicly, it is assumed to have been substantial. In addition to his foundation work, Kadens has also been on the boards of the Cannabis Trade Federation and Chicago Innovation.

Pete Kadens has been married to Amy Robbins since 2000. They first met in Toledo and soon became close friends. They eventually got married, and have three children together. Pete and Amy are very supportive of one another and are very active in philanthropic activities. In 2011, they set up an organization that provides assistance to struggling mothers.

StreetWise chairman

StreetWise chairman Pete Kadens has a net worth of $8 million, making him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. He has a background in finance and has held executive positions at UBS and SoCore Energy. He is also a board member at the Cannabis Trade Federation and Azenity Labs. Before founding StreetWise, Pete Kadens was CEO of Green Thumb Industries. He then founded SoCore Energy and served as its president and founder. He also served on the board of directors of the cannabis industry organization HOPE, and was named a Henry Crown Fellow by the Aspen Institute.

Kadens is an active leader in many community organizations, including StreetWise. He served as chairman of the nonprofit organization for two years and is now chairman emeritus. He also serves on a number of nonprofit and charity boards. He also is the founder and majority owner of Headbands of Hope, a non-profit organization that donates hair accessories to children in need.

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