Plop Star Net Worth 2021

Plop Star Net Worth 2021 – Who Owns Plop Star?

Plop star is a company that produces an effective toilet odor reducer made of citrus-scented essential oils and water, creating an odor-eliminating layer around the surface of a toilet bowl. A dissolvable tablet must then be put into it before going to use the bathroom; these results have received mixed reviews from consumers but have seen increased sales after being featured on Shark Tank.

Tyler Jay was featured on Season 11 Episode 4 of Shark Tank with an offer to exchange $150,000 for 10% equity of his company. While none of the Sharks agreed, despite appearing on Shark Tank the company has continued its growth online and in revenue after its appearance on the show.

Tyler Jay came into the Shark Tank riding a motorized toilet and attempted to attract their attention with his invention: Plop Star bathroom deodorizer tablet containing water and essential oils designed to absorb bad odors while leaving behind an appealing citrus aroma. However, they were uninterested and offered $150k instead in exchange for 10% equity but declined his request.

Investors did not feel that Tyler’s product was sufficiently differentiated from existing market competitors to warrant investment, and did not believe his CEO had an adequate business plan and instead focused on publicizing publicity rather than analyzing market realities. Guest Shark Rohan Oza also felt Tyler did not exhibit enough urgency and push hard enough for a deal – ultimately all the Sharks walked away without making an agreement with Tyler.

What Happened After Shark Tank? Tyler Jay admitted he didn’t mind leaving Shark Tank without receiving an investment, as it had always been his goal to appear on it. Additionally, it did not affect Plop Star’s online presence or revenue; Plop Star continued growing after its appearance on Shark Tank.

Tyler Jay established Plop Star in 2018 upon graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Media Arts. Following this experience in advertising agencies for some years before starting Tandem Inc, an innovative production studio, in 2014.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Plop Star has received immense customer attention and been featured in multiple television programs. Its reputation for effectiveness and convenience are widely recognized. Furthermore, its sleek modern design makes it easy to store or travel with. Today it remains one of the premier toilet care products worldwide and can be purchased both on Amazon and the company website – lifetime revenue estimates estimate it at $1.3 Million!

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