Plop Star Net Worth

Plop Star Net Worth – How Much is Tyler Jay Worth?

Plop Star is a portable bathroom deodorizer tablet that helps to keep public bathrooms smelling fresh and clean. The tablets are made from the same process that produces bath bombs, so they are convenient and can be used anywhere without leakage.

The company’s founder, Tyler Jay, is a graduate of Media Arts at the University of Arizona and is currently the Director of Content Production for Tandem Inc. He created the product while taking his evenings and weekends off from work or spending time with his family.

Despite the fact that Plop Star’s first appearance on Shark Tank didn’t go as planned, the company has continued to grow its internet presence and is now worth $1.3 million in lifetime sales. This figure does not include future revenues, but it is an excellent indicator of how successful this business has become since its Shark Tank appearance.

In season 11, episode 4, Plop Star’s founder, Tyler Jay, sought $150,000 for 10% equity in his company, which was worth $1.5 million at the time of the pitch. The Sharks declined the offer, however, because they felt that Jay didn’t have a strategic plan for the company. They also felt that the amount of work that he would have to do to make this company profitable would exceed what he could get back in a sale.

At the time of the Shark Tank, Plop Star’s sales were low, which resulted in a lack of investment. Nevertheless, despite negative evaluations and the lack of funding, the company has continued to grow its internet and social media presence and has become popular among consumers in the United States.

The Plop Star Company has been in business for several years, and its original products are still on the market today. They have recently introduced a deodorizing spray, which is available on Amazon and on their website, but the product will run out of stock in December 2021. While the original product will likely be available in the market again, it is not known if the company will introduce new products in the future.

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