Anna Sedokova amazed everyone in a fatal way in a swimsuit

The calendar summer has come to an end, but in the hearts of many celebrities the hot season is in full swing: the other day, singer Anna Sedokova posted on her Instagram a scorching photo in which she poses in the pool in the form of a fatal beauty. The star was wearing a black total bow: a one-piece swimsuit with a low cut, tights and a dress that was pulled down from one shoulder.

Anna Sedokova

Fans appreciated Anna’s bold image and immediately bombarded the singer with enthusiastic comments:

  • “Gorgeous as always” – kudinovaaaaa
  • “How good, Anya !!!!!” – akulovajuliaart
  • “How beautiful! Italians love this style and color very much ”- juju_italianka

A girl without complexes

On Anna’s page on social networks, you can see many similar photos in which the singer poses in swimsuits or underwear: the 37-year-old mother of three children is not at all shy of her appetizing forms and boldly uploads very candid pictures, inspiring other mothers and showing that a woman can be beautiful with any build. The singer does not hide that her figure has changed after the birth of children, but at the same time she continues to feel feminine and sexy, and does not plan to lose weight.

sedakova 2

In love and happy

The star is also not deprived of male attention: recently the singer delighted fans with the unexpected news of her engagement to basketball player Janis Timma, who, by the way, is nine years younger than Anna. The girl does not hide her happiness and regularly shares fresh photos in the company of the groom.

Sedakova's groom

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