Projective Test – Find Out The Hidden Aspects Of Your Personality

Are you ready to discover the hidden aspects of your personality? Then this test is for you! Here is an illustration that psychotherapists use for art therapy with their clients.

You need to look at it and determine on which object you want to hold your gaze: on the face of the old man (the collection of all objects), on the dancing couple in the center, or on the knight on the left?

projective test - what did you see
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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Take a similar test: Test: what did you see first? The answer will show what is important to you on a subconscious level.

Projective test: Where do you want to hold your gaze?

Old man’s face

Versatile and wise personalities concentrate their attention on this object. You probably have a lot of inner experience. You have a large stock of knowledge that you willingly share with those who need it.

The people around you admire your erudition. For many, you are a spiritual guide. You are pleased that there are those who need you. They make you feel special, valuable, and significant.

You have a peculiarity – the ability to see the essence of things. You are one of those who calls everything by its proper names. Therefore, it is difficult to deceive you. Intelligence, good observation and discernment allow you to see right through people. This is a valuable skill these days. Subconsciously, you are trying to control people, to subordinate them to your will.

Dancing couple

You are a vulnerable and very emotional nature. People with a fine mental organization hold their gaze on the dancing couple. Even if you do not show true emotions, passions are seething inside you. People can easily piss you off with rudeness, rudeness, any kind of unworthy behavior. In moments of anger and despair, you can say a lot of offensive things, which you will certainly regret later.

The main hidden aspect of your personality is a secret desire to stand out from other people, but not at the expense of your own achievements, but by focusing on other people’s shortcomings.

When you feel bad, subconsciously, you tend to surround yourself with such people, against the background of which your problems seem insignificant. This makes it easier for you.


The knight in this test is focused on individuals with a stable psyche and good will. You are a strong person, and those around you feel it. However, you are in no rush to be in the thick of things when something interesting happens. You like to watch the development of the situation from the outside, so you are comfortable.

Distance is what gives you the feeling of security. You hate to leave your comfort zone, but you secretly dream of controlling others. It is important for you that people do and say what you want. Therefore, subconsciously or consciously, you manipulate them for the sake of gaining benefits.

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