Pros and cons of family education – how to organize education in a family?

Parents are often faced with a choice: whether to send a child to a regular school, or to teach him remotely, at home. In Russia, “family education” has become popular. More and more parents are deciding that home schooling is better than schooling.

We will figure out how to organize family training, what is needed for this, and whether it is worth it.

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Family education law in Russia – prospects

In Russia, parents have every right to educate their child at home. This fact is proved by the Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation”, which was adopted on December 29, 2012. According to him, parents can choose a certain educational program – and, of course, the opinion of your son or daughter will be taken into account. It is imperative that a minor be able to receive basic general education – no matter in what form.

The decision to attend full or partial education at home should be accepted not only by the parents or guardians of the child, but also by the school director, class teacher. Only with their consent will you be able to translate him, and it does not matter in which class he is studying. Children only have to pass an annual certification, which will show their acquired knowledge at home.

Note that any student can graduate from school as an external student, that is, in advance… It is possible to finish school in 3 years. For example, your miracle is homeschooled and is listed in the 9th grade. He can pass the final exams for the 11th grade and easily enter a higher educational institution.

Parents are responsible for children… It is you who are responsible for your child, for his development, for his well-being. If he feels bad at school, then feel free to transfer him to distance learning.

Pros and cons of family education for a child – what should parents prepare for?

There are significant benefits to having your child learn at home.

Let’s list the pros:

  • Individual learning pace Parents can independently set the schedule for the child. If he does not absorb information well, select the teaching methodology so that he understands everything to the smallest detail.
  • Violence from teachers and peers is excluded.
  • The child can live according to the natural biological clock. Wake up when you want. Study at a specific time when you do it best.
  • Parents and teachers will be able to identify the talents of the child and direct its development and training in a course that will be useful in the future. Maybe your child is inclined towards mathematics, start developing him in the information field. Teach you to a computer, or teach economics. In the event that your baby loves to read, does an excellent job with grammar, develop it by adhering to creative specialties.
  • The child has the opportunity to study rare itemsthat are not taught in schools – languages, architecture, art, etc.
  • Homeschooling will help your child cope with difficult career choices in the future.
  • You can master the school curriculum in less than 10 years and pass exams as an external student.
  • Training takes place at home, so the child does not have to follow school rules and rituals (for example, stand near the desk when you call).
  • No one will influence the childapart from parents and teachers, of course.
  • The ability to nurture a personality according to a special individual program.
  • Learning will not be interfered with by peers… He will be shielded from them. Attention will be paid only to him. Knowledge will be given quickly and easily.
  • The ability to distribute the remaining time from studying for a hobby or section.
  • Parents will be able to control the child’s development process. They can monitor his health.
  • In addition, they will be able to determine its nutrition., because in the school cafeteria, as a rule, they do not give a choice.

From home schooling, a child may have some problems.

Let’s list the obvious disadvantages of “family” education:

  • The child will feel alienated.
    He will miss the team, communication with peers, life in society. From this, your miracle will hardly begin to get used to life in a team, when the time comes, and will begin to attach to itself the stereotyped image of the “white crow”.
  • Perhaps the child will turn out to be the wrong person with leadership qualities.who would you like to see
    Remember, to be a leader, a person does not need to run away from real life in society. You should show yourself, fight competitors, gain popularity and respect by your actions.
  • Communication skills can be reduced to zero
    The child should be able to communicate, find a common language with children of different ages and different social groups.
  • Learning influences character too
    An egoist may grow up. The person gets used to the chosen attitude. In a team, it will be difficult for him to get used to the fact that he is the same as everyone else. The second case – a spoiled, naive girl grows up who is not used to life, knows that she can get away with everything, even if she does something wrong. How to find the right path in education?
  • The child does not get used to discipline, and everyone needs it.
  • Children who are homeschooled require constant supervision
    Parents should spend most of their time on them.
  • Difficulties may arise with training in universities, colleges, technical schools
    Parents are not always able to provide a proper education.
  • Excessive custody can lead to infantilism in the child.
  • Your son or daughter will have no experiencenecessary for an independent life.
  • You will restrict the child when imposing your views, life and religious values.
  • Parents should be aware that a good education is highly valued, therefore will have to spend a lot of money.

Only after weighing all the pros and cons, make a decision on the transfer.

How to organize a “school” for a child at home?

At first, you will feel some difficulty teaching your child at home.

But, if you follow some principles, then family education will be a joy to both parents and children:

  1. To develop discipline teach children to get up in the morning, eat breakfast and practice… Only then will you have free time for rest, hobbies and any other activities.
  2. A special room must be allocated for training. Of course, it is important for a high school student to have his own corner where no one would distract him. But kids should not be forced to complete tasks while sitting at a table. They may want to lie on the floor, on the bed.
  3. You shouldn’t set aside a certain amount of time for any subject. If the child wants to draw, let him draw, if he wants to print out the words, let him do it. The main thing is to let him decide on his favorite activities, and then guide and develop his talents.
  4. Still, strive to work out a weekly schedule and stick to it. It is important that the child likes the subjects taught to him.
  5. Try to pay attention to what the child is wearing. If he is distracted by something, he is unlikely to focus on his studies.
  6. In the event that teachers come to the child, monitor their attitude towards him. Look at how your son and daughter treat a stranger, talk if difficulties arise, try to explain that the teacher is not a stranger. It is important that there is a trusting relationship between the child and the teacher, and no one scolds him for not understanding any little thing.
  7. Choose qualified professionalswho will be able to give the highest and best education to your children.
  8. Try to find textbooks by the same author. Everyone adheres to their own teaching methodology.

Certification of a child in family education – how and where will he receive a certificate?

The educational institution to which the child studying at home is assigned must conduct intermediate and state final attestation… This is necessary for reporting, as well as assessing the knowledge of the child receiving family education.

Usually, intermediate certification is carried out by the head teacher for the academic part, or by teachers teaching at school… There is nothing terrible about the attestation, it can take place both orally and in writing.

In the event that a child is taught by a teacher from the school for which he is assigned, then this is even better. Your child will not be afraid, but will come to school as to a regular lesson.

Concerning state final certification, then all students must also pass it, regardless of whether the child graduates from school as an external student or not. It is the results of the GIA or the Unified State Examination that will help him to continue to get education, and the child will receive a certificate the same as ordinary school students, but only with a note about the external study.

Final certification is carried out in any educational institution, which will be appointed by the Ministry of Education. Students’ knowledge will be assessed special commission, it usually includes teachers from different schools in the district, city or even region. That is why there will be no prejudice towards your child. All works will be evaluated objectively.

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