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Mineral cosmetics just blew up the beauty industry with their appearance! A new round in the development of cosmetics made millions of women think, which undoubtedly attracted attention to natural mineral cosmetics. Harmless, inexpensive cosmetics, beautiful cosmetics for make-up have caused an unheard of excitement among the best half of humanity. Minerals have challenged aging and problem skin!

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Mineral makeup composition

This specific cosmetics “adjusts” to you. When applied to the face, under the influence of the heat of your body, the smallest particles of minerals simply melt and merge, dissolving on the skin, hiding its imperfections. By choosing the right colors and applying this cosmetics correctly, it becomes weightless, which gives the skin a natural beauty, rejuvenation, well-groomed, charm, healthy look. You will simply shine with happiness and tenderness. Such cosmetics are as neutral as possible; it looks light and unobtrusive on the face.

In no case should the composition of mineral cosmetics contain any chemicals and substances, harmful fillers, parabens, phthalates, artificial components, dyes, concentrates, fragrances and other substances dangerous for the skin of the face and body.

In mineral cosmetics use only pure or synthesized minerals… All components included in the composition are sterilized, which does not require additional processing. If natural minerals need to be included in products such as creams or gels, where a high concentration of liquids is required, then elements from nature are used to preserve them, for example:

  • Titanium dioxidepossessing strong brightness and high light reflectance properties, which allows to protect the skin surface from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, giving it a healthy color, carrying out anti-inflammatory actions.
  • Zinc oxide. Provides makeup with high durability, has antimicrobial properties, perfectly reflects light and sun rays. This element is often used in creams to protect against bacteria.
  • Silicon they are added to mineral cosmetics in order to give the skin a special feeling of softness, pleasant velvety. This component creates a protective, breathable and water-repellent film on the skin, plus protects it from the sun.
  • Mica helps creams to achieve matting properties on the skin, or, conversely, to give it a particularly strong glow. This or that effect depends on how much mica is added to a particular product.
  • Boron nitride allows creams and powders to cover the surface of the skin evenly and tightly, while allowing it to breathe, which gives the skin a silky texture.
  • Iron oxide, unlike all of the above elements, has a fairly diverse palette, many shades. This compound does not cause any skin reaction.
  • Often in the composition of cosmetics can be found silk… It is added in order to increase the ability of the product to retain moisture in the skin, provide the skin with an optimal water content in it, visually soften skin irregularities, and reflect ultraviolet rays.
  • Disinfects the skin magnesium myristate… Improving the texture of cosmetics, this compound allows it to easily and evenly lay on the skin and stay on longer. This element is also a binding component in cosmetics.
  • Magnesium stearate needed in cosmetics so that no lumps form and the cosmetics “stick” to the skin.
  • Kaolin affects the structure of blood vessels, which makes them flexible. It also has a fruitful effect on the formation of collagen, which gives the skin special elasticity.
  • Bismuth oxychloride makes the skin unnaturally radiant, gives it a special shimmer, similar to the metallic effect. But this ingredient is irritating and can cause problems in the form of pimples and acne. It is up to you to use such cosmetics or not, but many manufacturers add this component to their mineral series.
  • Carmine, ultramarine, ohchromium and tin oxide give natural shades to cosmetics red, green and other colors.
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Benefits of mineral makeup

  1. Well, the first and most important advantage of mineral cosmetics is its 100% organic and natural. There is no doubt that this is a natural product! This means that you should definitely not find any dyes, alcohols, fragrances, mineral oils and preservatives in its composition. You cannot do without these components in creams, but the main thing is that their concentration there was minimal.
  2. If you have special and sensitive skin, or problem areas do not allow you to use cosmetics, then mineral cosmetics are just for you. It should be used if the skin reacts to exposure to chemical components with the appearance of a rash or acne. After all, mineral cosmetics are not only harmless, but also healing and regenerating the skin.
  3. These funds are absolutely hypoallergenic.
  4. With such cosmetics, you can walk throughout the day and even go to bed with it, according to cosmetologists. After all, mineral cosmetics prevents clogging of the skin and air circulates in it constantly, that is, the skin of the face does not stop breathing. This also contributes to the fact that the pores remain clean, not clogged.
  5. The special composition of the best cosmetics ensures that the products, while on the skin, absorb excess subcutaneous fat and neutralize the secretion of sweat.
  6. Both young girls and aged women can use such cosmetics.
  7. Mineral cosmetics, due to their naturalness, evens out the skin color, makes it visually softer, smoother, more matte. All your flaws will be skillfully disguised, and you will feel at your best!
  8. Bacteria do not appear in this cosmetics.
  9. There are no special conditions for its storage either, because it does not contain preservatives.
  10. Does not dry out the skin.
  11. It does not crumple and is applied in a thin layer, thanks to the components crushed to dust.
  12. It is economical, because very little of it is needed to achieve the effect.
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Disadvantages of mineral cosmetics

  1. It cannot be argued that mineral makeup is perfect. There are drawbacks to everything and everyone. But these disadvantages are minor. For example, many makeup professionals have noted the possibility that these cosmetics can aggravate already dry skin. Thus, if your skin is often peeling, you are tormented by a persistent feeling of tightness, but you still want to use natural cosmetics, you just need to combine its use with hydrating masks or serums.
  2. Another small drawback of mineral cosmetics is not so wide a range of colors than other cosmetics. After all, the color always matches the color of the mineral used in its manufacture. But this problem is being solved, and today more and more shades appear every day.
  3. Many have heard the opinion about the harmfulness and unsafeness of nanoparticles. However, these are only controversies, not supported by evidence. If you still believe the rumors, then we recommend buying mineral cosmetics marked micronized, for example, titanium dioxide. It is micronized particles that are larger than nanocomponents, which are called possible sources of free radicals.

And what makeup do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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