Psychological test – we will tell the truth about your relationship

Ready to take the most accurate relationship test? Then remember how to hold hands with your soul mate and take a look at our picture. Compare your memory with one of the 3 hand images and see the result.

test how you hold hands
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Position A

Congratulations, you have a very strong union! Your relationship with your partner is built correctly and harmoniously. They have a lot of trust, understanding and, most importantly, love. You are attached to each other with all your soul. We are willing to compromise if necessary.

An important point! The next time you hold hands, pay attention to who initiates tactile contact and, accordingly, whose palm grabs the other first. This person is the leader in your relationship.

Position B

Your relationship with your partner is not based on love, but on passion. This has both disadvantages and advantages. First, you are strongly attracted to each other. You feel comfortable being around. When you are apart, you both experience boredom and other negative feelings. Secondly, in such a relationship, it is difficult to discern the depth. Most likely, there is little understanding and mutual support in your relationship. Perhaps one of the partners is trying to dominate the relationship.

An important point! The partner who squeezes the palm harder in this hand position is the leader in the relationship.

Position C

For this position, it is difficult to unambiguously characterize the quality of the couple’s love relationship. Holding on with your little fingers / grasping your little fingers with your palm is a sign of trust and freedom in a relationship. If your partner holds you this way, he trusts you, most likely he is comfortable with you. However, if both of you feel uncomfortable with this hand position, then most likely something went wrong in your relationship.

An important point! Often this position of the hands of partners indicates that they are both tired of each other.

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