What karmic lesson the zodiacs learned from past relationships

All the relationships that we develop throughout life are not an accident, but a series of lessons designed for us to gain experience and become wiser.

What do you think your most recent relationship taught you? What conclusions have you drawn for yourself? By the way, even your zodiac sign can affect this!

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You realized that you don’t have much time to fully devote to his relationship. You focus on more important things to which you relate work and loved ones. At the moment, you feel great alone.


You realized that you are too low on your requirements and underestimate yourself. You let people sit on their necks and take advantage of you. You need to learn to set tougher boundaries to protect yourself from toxic individuals.


You realized that you absolutely do not know what you, in fact, want from the relationship. You are not sure if you are ready to take on such obligations, or if you still need time to be a little frivolous person, not tied in legs and arms.

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You realized that for the sake of love you are ready to risk a lot. When you take care of your loved one, you will do everything in your power to keep them happy, contented, and joyful around you. You push your own interests and needs into the background.

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You realized that you are the kind of person who needs to spend a lot of time with your partner. You cannot but see your chosen one for a long time, and online communication does not suit you, because in such a relationship you feel ignored and abandoned.


You realized that you need as much personal space as possible in order to feel happy. Unlike Leo, you are not thrilled with the idea of ​​being around your partner all the time, as you begin to choke on their excessive presence. You need freedom.


You realized that you could not cope with your jealousy. It is very difficult for you to remain indifferent when your partner pays attention to someone else besides you, and you will have to work very hard to get rid of this feeling.


You realized that you need a partner who takes responsibility without any problems. You absolutely do not want to make all decisions on your own and pull the relationship on your enthusiasm. You need to see the effort on the part of your chosen one.

What karmic lesson each zodiac sign learned from past relationships
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You realized that you want a serious relationship. Surprisingly, you are really ready to settle down and calm down. You just need to meet the right person, and once you realize that this is your other half, you agree to a commitment.


You realized that you need to work on yourself and your emotional intelligence, because you are too closed and do not show your feelings. Tenderness and sincere expression of emotions is not inherent in you, and this always spoils your relationship.


You realized that you need a partner with similar interests. This is the person who will do your hobbies with you and watch your favorite films with you. You have come to the conclusion that relationships between too different people almost never work out.


You realized that you do not know how to restrain yourself and your emotions. You often have mood swings, and this scares a partner who finds it difficult to get used to your quirks or a sudden change of enthusiasm for apathy and vice versa.

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