Psychological test – which room are you uncomfortable in?

Psychologists are convinced that the color and shape that people choose largely determines their personality characteristics. Many interesting psychological tests were created on this assumption. Colady’s editors offer you to go through one of them.

All you have to do is take a look at the image of the doors below and imagine that you are entering each of them. Remember your feelings, perhaps fears, and then – get acquainted with the result.

To pass this test, it is important to completely relax and let go of worrying thoughts. Concentrate fully on the image of the doors and feel well how you mentally enter each of them.

Advice: For a more accurate result, record your emotions.

4 doors
Colady illustration
  • Green door… You see her, touch the handle and go inside. How do you feel about it? Are you comfortable? Does fear arise?
  • Blue door… Go inside and look around. What objects do you see? How comfortable do you feel?
  • Pink door… Do not rush to enter. As you stand on the doorstep, describe in detail how you feel. Are they pleasant? Now slowly enter the room. How spacious is it? Is there a light inside? What objects do you see?
  • Black door… Go inside slowly. Describe the room you are in. Do you feel comfortable in it? Do you want to go out or stay in it longer?

After you have memorized (or recorded) all your emotions that you experienced in each of the 4 rooms, get acquainted with the test result.


  • Green door – will open the way to your past, or rather, to childhood. If this room is light, spacious, and you experience pleasant emotions here, your childhood was carefree and happy. If, being here, you feel discomfort, now you are haunted by psychological problems that arose in your youth. To get rid of them, we advise you to work with a psychologist.
  • Blue door – will open the way to your present. This room reflects your psycho-emotional state at the moment. If you feel fear, loneliness and want to get out as soon as possible, the interpretation speaks for itself. You are currently experiencing stress or depression. Well, if you are comfortable, interesting and joyful in the blue room, then congratulations. At this point in time, you are quite happy. And that’s great!
  • Pink door – symbolizes your relationship with the opposite sex. People who, having entered through it, feel severe discomfort, probably recently experienced a painful break with a loved one. If you feel comfortable and good in the pink room, relationships bring you joy. Single people experiencing pleasant emotions at the pink door are not afraid to build serious relationships, and vice versa.
  • Black door – symbolizes your professional satisfaction. If, being here, you feel good and comfortable, you are quite successful as a professional. Work is emotionally satisfying and enjoyable in every sense. If, behind the black door, you are scared, uncomfortable, there is a desire to go outside faster – you are experiencing difficulties in professional implementation.

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