Psychologist’s test – how strong are your communication skills

Man is the most advanced creature on the planet in terms of communication. We transmit information to each other in different ways: verbally (words) and non-verbally (gestures, facial expressions, voice timbre, etc.).

How easily and efficiently do you communicate with people? With this simple test, you should be able to figure it out. You need to say what you saw first in this optical illusion.

Important! Don’t stare at the image for too long. Record the FIRST thing you saw.

leg test
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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Psychologist's test - how strong are your communication skills

Male feet

You are a straightforward person and prefer to communicate openly and honestly. It is easy for you to formulate your thoughts and share them with others. And that’s great quality!

You do not have any problems with clearly stating your own point of view, and you know how to convey your ideas to everyone. However, you should understand that all people are different, which means that they do not have to think in the same way as you.

Sometimes you are so persistent and even shameless that you completely ignore, or even ignore, the opinion of your interlocutors.

Female feet

At first you think about everything for a long time and carefully, and then you voice your thoughts. It takes time to find the right words to reflect your feelings.

If you have to speak, so to speak, impromptu, you get lost in your own attempts to understand your thoughts and feelings, and therefore your speech sounds contradictory and illogical. You should remember that sometimes silence speaks volumes, therefore in some cases it is better to say nothing at all than to be misunderstood.

Male and female legs at the same time

You are one of those people who usually do not think before saying something.… You have an opinion on everything, and you want to immediately share your thoughts as soon as they come to your mind. You are considered to be a cheerful and laid-back person, but too wordy and does not allow anyone to insert a word in a conversation. It doesn’t hurt you to wait at least a minute, and only then voice what is on your mind. This will help you avoid problems and troubles.


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