The kiss of a man – what does it mean?

The kiss of a loved one speaks volumes. How do you learn to read “kissing language”? Let’s try to figure this out!

What do his kisses say about a man?

1. Kiss on the forehead

A kiss on the forehead often evokes negative associations. And this is not without reason: this is how it is customary in our culture to kiss the dead. However, children are also kissed on the forehead. Therefore, if your lover often kisses your forehead, he takes a protective position towards you. He seeks to protect you, is ready to take responsibility for your relationship, perhaps he considers a little girl who needs protection.

2. Kiss in the eye

Kissing the eyes is not a common practice. He speaks of a high degree of intimacy in a relationship and of the tremendous tenderness that a person has for you. After all, touching the eyelids should be very delicate and careful. Most likely, a man considers you a fragile flower that will not tolerate a rude relationship. If a man often kisses you in the eye, he is most likely creative and loves unusual things.

3. Kiss on the neck

A kiss on the neck is a declaration of desire for you. The neck is one of the most erogenous zones in our body. And, if a man kisses you on the neck, he is ready to have sex with you. Such kisses also speak of a possessive instinct, because it is on the neck after passionate kisses that traces remain, which tell others that the woman is already busy.

4. Kiss on the nose

People who are treated with great tenderness are kissed on the nose. Such a kiss can mean a friendly relationship: a friendly “smack” in this case should be taken as evidence of a good disposition towards you.

Kiss on the nose

A person who loves to kiss you on the nose has a good sense of humor, he is open-minded, sociable and impossible to get bored with.

5. Kiss on the lips

A kiss on the lips indicates that a man loves you. These kisses can be different. If a man seems to be trying to “eat” you, he experiences great passion. Most likely, in life (and in bed), he prefers to take an aggressive position. A careful, delicate kiss is a sign of restraint. If a man loves long kisses, he is distinguished by an ingenuity that extends to all areas of his activity. If a man closes his eyes during a kiss, it means that he completely trusts you (and expects the same from you). If his eyes are open, he is prone to constant control and cannot relax even in such an intimate situation.

6. Kiss in the ear

A kiss on the ear can be humorous: in this case, it suggests that the man has a good sense of humor. A gentle, delicate kiss, from which goosebumps run through the body, is a sign that a person is looking for non-standard solutions. You will never be bored with it.

7. Kiss your hands

Kissing women’s hands is a tradition that seems outdated to many. If a man often kisses your hand, this suggests that you are dealing with a real gentleman.

Kiss your hands

8. A man doesn’t like kissing

Some men don’t like kissing. This may indicate that the person is rather closed and distrustful. Perhaps he prefers to avoid close relationships, as he has a negative experience. However, sometimes it is worth thinking: maybe the reluctance to kiss is dictated by the fact that the woman has too bright lipstick or bad breath caused by smoking or eating food with a pronounced odor.

Kissing a loved one gives great joy. And it doesn’t matter exactly how he kisses you, because the main thing is that you are there!

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