RAM 1500 EV: What Can You Expect

With the electrification of vehicles across the globe, the truck manufacturer Ram Revolution is also strengthening its lineup. Even though the company is a little late in releasing electric vehicles, the brand is pushing excellent performance as the driving factor. 

Ram has debuted the brand’s first-ever EV truck, Ram 1500, at the 2022 Chicago Auto Show. Suited for both work and play, this innovative vehicle has become a game-changer in San Diego. If you are interested in Ram 1500, you may have to schedule a test drive at a nearby Ram dealer in San Diego

Here Are The Features That Define The Versatility And Functionality Of This Wagon:

STLA Frame And Range Extender

These electric pick-ups will carry the latest STLA frame, specially built for electric vehicle architecture. The robust ‘Stellantic’ structure will also support Ram 1500’s light-duty EV and heavy-duty pick-up trucks. It also includes a fleet variant that utilizes fuel cells to generate electricity for riding on San Diego roads. 

It is good news for the Ram fans that the vehicle might also come with a range extender called Range Electric Paradigm Breaker. It simply means that the brand manufactures trucks to carry out long-distance travel and heavy towing, just like a standard pick-up truck. 

It is estimated that the typical range of the 1500 EV will be around 500 miles, which is higher than Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet’s Silverado’s EV.


One of the most prominent features of EV 1500 is the availability of storage solutions as part of their design. It comes with a Ram box as an optional storage accessory, just like the other Ram truck lineup. 

Surprisingly, the front electric motor in the EV sits low enough to create space for a ‘frunk’ or front truck. Due to the lack of a traditional 4X4 system and driveshafts, Ram will likely release additional storage options. 

Exterior Styling And Battery 

A sleek hood with tailgate hints at the futurist design of the Ram 1500 EV. The exterior design resembles a combination of the Ram TRX model and the Ram EV. In addition, the tail lights across the tailgate depict a fascinating take on the revolutionary EV. 

With a DC fast charger, it is said that 1500 EVs can charge at a rate up to 150-200 kWh. That said, there is no confirmation from the brand about the exact battery size or charging times.

Ram Revolution

In the quest to create a powerful EV truck, Ram has launched a program called Ram Revolution. This effort aims to take feedback from the fans and customers to improve the functionality and design of the brand’s electrified offering. It is a proactive attempt to collaborate with the consumers to create a more customer-centric vehicle that aids with day-to-day activities. 

In A Nutshell

With electric motors front and back, promised range of 500 miles, and fast charging, Ram EV1500 is one of the most innovative pick-up trucks of the brand. The company is aiming for best-in-class towing capacity, payload, range, and charging time compared to any available pick-up truck with a Ram dealer in San Diego. In addition, the feedback from customers is targeted to enhance the functionality of the vehicle before its 2024 release.

The Exact Performance And Customer Satisfaction Are Yet To Be Seen Before Declaring The Model Successful.

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