Riss And Quan Net Worth 2020

Riss and Quan are a YouTube duo who have enormous social media followings and a lot of subscribers. Their videos get immense views and get huge net worth. Their net worth is estimated between $600k and $800k. Currently, they have 2.28 million subscribers on YouTube. Riss and Quan started their YouTube channel in 2018 and have since become a successful duo.

Their net worth will continue to grow due to the success of their YouTube career. The couple is currently based in New York, but recently revealed their plans to purchase a property in Los Angeles. They are aiming to have a net worth of around $600-800 thousand by 2020.

YouTube pranksters Shaquan Roberts and Rissa G have a massive fortune thanks to their success. Their YouTube channel has millions of subscribers, and the pair is expected to earn millions of dollars in the next few years. Their net worth includes earnings from prank videos and merchandise sales.

Riss and Quan have earned more than $30 million from YouTube and other activities. The YouTube duo started a Vlogs channel and earned $3.5 million in a year. They have also produced several DVD series and launched a reality prank show with Alex Mandel. They also own a clothing line and are currently working on their first feature film.

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