How to cook goji berries – recipes for weight loss

According to experts, goji berries are delicious on their own – their sweet and sour taste resembles the taste of dried grapes, that is, raisins, and a tea drink made from these miraculous berries is very similar to an infusion of rose hips, red currants or dogwoods. How to brew goji berries for weight loss or health improvement is written on each package.

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Is it possible to use them in cooking, and what dishes can be cooked with goji berries – read below.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

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Recipes for delicious and healthy soups

Chicken giblets soup with goji

This first course has a tonic effect, and is very beneficial for the health of the eyes, as it helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes and dryness of the cornea of ​​the eyes.

500 gr. Peel chicken giblets, cook until tender in 1.5 liters of water, salt to taste. Cut one potato into the broth and put 100 grams of goji berries, cook until the potatoes are tender.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Goji Berry Beef Soup

This low-fat but very nutritious first course will be very useful for everyone, especially the elderly, as well as people with colds, with a breakdown and low hemoglobin.

To prepare the soup, you must first boil the broth from about 5 kg of lean veal and 2 liters of water. Salt to taste. Remove the meat, and cut the potatoes into the broth, season with stewed carrots, stewed in a pan with a spoonful of vegetable oil, put two tablespoons of peeled and finely chopped ginger, 100 grams of goji berries and finely chopped bell pepper. Cook the soup until the potatoes are ready, serve with sour cream and herbs.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Pickle with goji berries

This soup is very good in spring, at the time of vitamin deficiency in children and adults.

Cook pickle according to your favorite recipe, but for its preparation take goji berries in the amount of half the volume of cucumbers. The berries should be added to the soup 10 minutes before turning off the stove. Before serving, put finely chopped parsley, celery, dill in the pickle and season with sour cream.

You can cook any soup with goji berries, and you can also season ready-made first courses with it.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Porridge and main courses

It should be noted that goji berries can be added absolutely any dishthat you cook – they are combined with sweet and savory foods.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Rice milk porridge with goji berries and dried apricots

This delicious dish will appeal to both adults and children. It is especially useful for people with reduced vision, as well as eye diseases and fatigue.

Cook rice porridge according to your favorite recipe. For 500 grams of porridge, take 50 grams of goji berries and washed, diced dried apricots. Put goji and dried apricots in porridge at the end of cooking, turn off the stove and wrap the dishes, letting the dish brew well. Serve after 20-30 minutes.

Chicken fillet stewed with goji berries

The dish is very satisfying and tasty, everyone will like it.

Fry pieces of skinless chicken fillet for 2 minutes on each side in olive oil, then put in a roasting pan with thick walls, cover with chopped onions (1 medium onion) and grated carrots (1 carrot), pour 1 glass of water, add 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. Simmer over low heat for 40 minutes, adding a little water if necessary. Add 50-70 grams of goji berries to the roasting pan about halfway through the simmering time. It is better to serve the dish with rice.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Garnish of rice, bulgur or buckwheat with goji berries

Rinse a glass of cereals. In a bowl with thick walls, heat 5 tablespoons of any vegetable oil, pour out the cereals, add 1 teaspoon of salt (without a slide) and fry in oil until the grains stop sticking together. Then add 1.5 cups of water, 50 grams of goji berries to the bowl, cover and simmer over very low heat for 15-20 minutes, until the water is absorbed into the cereal. Then remove the dishes from the heat, wrap and leave to brew for 20-30 minutes.

Serve as a side dish for any meat dish, or as an independent dish – for example, in fasting.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Chicken rolls with cheese, mushrooms and goji berries

Beat off the chicken fillet. Season with salt, sprinkle with ground pepper and paprika. On each piece of fillet, put a dessert spoon of goji berries and fresh mushrooms fried in vegetable oil in advance, sprinkle with grated cheese. Roll fillet with filling, tighten with threads or chop with wooden sticks. Bathe each roll in a beaten egg, slightly salted, and then roll in your favorite breading – breadcrumbs or sesame seeds. Fry on all sides in olive oil, and then bring to readiness in the oven 200 degrees, about 15 minutes). Remember to remove the strings and sticks before serving.

Drinks and tea

Green tea with goji berries

Brew 400 ml of a tablespoon of green tea and 15 grams of goji berries in a plunger.

The drink can be consumed hot and cold throughout the day. It helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Tea with goji berries and chrysanthemum petals

This tea has a beneficial effect on eyesight, improves the condition of the eyes.

In a teapot, pour boiling water over a dessert spoon of goji berries and chrysanthemum petals. Wrap the teapot for 15 minutes, then pour into cups and drink in good mood.

Chinese Tea “Eight Diamonds”

The Chinese do not even drink this tea, but eat it. The drink helps very well with general exhaustion, vitamin deficiency, loss of strength, bad mood and low hemoglobin. Contraindications – intolerance to one or another component of the drink.

In a 500 ml teapot, put a teaspoon of green tea, hawthorn, longan fruit, jojoba fruit, goji berries, a dessert spoon each – brown sugar, raisins, chopped dates. Pour the mixture with boiling water, wrap well and leave for 15-20 minutes. Tea is drunk, and berries and nuts are eaten from it, mixed with honey.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Wine with goji berries

This wine improves eyesight, eliminates eye diseases, has a beneficial effect on libido and potency.

Take about 5 of any favorite wine (red or white), better – in a dark bottle, add 30-50 grams of goji berries to it. Place the dishes in a dark, cool and dry place and forget about them for a month or two. After infusing the wine, consume 100 grams daily.

Healthy and tasty pastries for the whole family

Charlotte with apples and goji berries

Separate the whites of 4 eggs from the yolks, beat them with a glass of sugar until stable peaks. Beat the yolks in another bowl. Add half of the proteins to this dish, add a glass of flour, then the other half of the proteins. Gently mix the dough from bottom to top. Cut apples, previously peeled from the peel and cores (1 kg of apples), into a fireproof, oiled form into slices, spread out in an even layer. Sprinkle apples with two tablespoons of goji berries and pour over the prepared dough. Place the dishes in an oven preheated to 180 degrees, bake for about 30 minutes (check the readiness with a wooden toothpick).

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Filling for dried fruit and goji berry pies

Dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, prunes, figs – all 150 grams) pour boiling water for 5 minutes, then drain the boiling water, rinse the berries in cold water, blot with a napkin. Scroll dried fruits in a meat grinder, add three tablespoons of honey, one grated apple, sprinkle with lemon juice. Add a handful of washed goji berries to the mixture, mix.

With this filling, you can make both small pies and large pies, closed and open. You can also add other fruits to the mixture – pears, bananas, berries. If the mixture flows, add a tablespoon of starch to the filling and stir.

Yeast dough with goji berries for buns or patties

When making your favorite yeast dough, add a handful of goji berries to the dough (for 1 – 1.5 kg of dough). Berries perfectly set off the taste of baked goods and give it their own unique aroma – and, of course, usefulness.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Dishes for losing weight

Goji berry sweets for tea

This recipe is the easiest one. Goji berries should be eaten like sweets, washed down with unsweetened tea, in the amount of a tablespoon, in the morning – half an hour to an hour before a light breakfast (or instead of), and in the evening – two hours before bedtime and two hours after the last meal.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Goji berry infusion for weight loss

Pour a tablespoon of goji berries into a thermos or porcelain teapot, pour boiling water (one glass), close the dishes well and wrap them for half an hour. Drink half – a third of a glass of infusion hot or cold two to three times daily.

After preparing the infusion, berries can be used for salad (add to any), or for soup, stew.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Goji berry pastilles for daily snacks or breakfast

Take half a kilogram of soft pitted prunes, rinse, scroll in a meat grinder. Add 100 grams of goji berries, a spoonful of potato starch to the prunes, mix well. Smear the pastille on baking paper with a layer thickness of 0.5-0.7 cm, or roll balls out of it. Place on a sheet in the oven, dry at 100 degrees for an hour. If you have dried the marshmallow in a layer, you need to cut it into cubes.

A cube of marshmallow can be chewed slowly when you feel severe hunger, two or three cubes can be added to morning oatmeal, boiled in water.

Advice: If you want to use marshmallow as a sweets, you can add a little oatmeal and nuts to the mixture. Eat 1 such candy with tea in the morning and in the evening.

Dishes with goji berry for health and weight loss

Do you have any favorite goji berry recipes? Share your culinary experience in the comments below!

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