Rod Canion Net Worth

Rod Canion Net Worth

Rod Canion was a successful businessman and an excellent scientist in America. Starting at a very young age, he built a technological empire that was worth millions of dollars. As a matter of fact, Canion is considered to be one of the most successful businessmen of all time. His company raised $67 million within a year of going into business.

Rod Canion was a co-founder of Compaq

When the original company founders first came up with their idea, they were inspired by a menu from House of Pies. Eight months later, they had their first product on the market. By the end of the year, they were known as Compaq and were a global leader in personal computers. Compaq had the largest first year sales in American history, and it was also the youngest firm to make the Fortune 500 list.

As Compaq began to suffer in the 1990s, Rod Canion decided to step down as CEO. Rosen, who had initially funded the company, had disapproved of Canion’s slow response to changes in the industry. He said last June that Compaq didn’t need major changes or layoffs. Instead, he would focus more time on strategic planning.

Canion was frustrated as an engineer at Texas Instruments and was itching to create his own company. He had an idea for a portable PC at a pie shop in Houston. But Canion was unsure of the potential market. So, he surrounded himself with the best people to take the company to the next level.

He is a member of the Houston Technology Centre

Rod Canion is a member of Houston Technology Centre, a startup incubator. He has a background in high technology, having founded Insource Technology Group in 1992 and selling it to Google in September 2006. Canion also co-founded Questia Media, Inc., an online research library that raised $150 million in funding in its first round. He also sits on several boards, including the board of Sternhill Partners.

Rod Canion studied electrical engineering at the University of Houston and holds a BS and an MS degree in the field. He began his professional career with Texas Instruments in 1978, working there until 1981. His personal life has been secretive. He does not have a wife or children. He has not declared if he is gay or not.

Canion has also invested in several high-tech companies over the years. One such company is Compaq. He co-founded it and was its first president and CEO. He later founded Insource Technology, which provides consulting services in the area of information systems.

He is ranked on the list of 2225 popular Businessperson

Rod Canion has an estimated net worth of $1-5 million. The 74-year-old is a successful Businessperson and has earned his wealth through his career. He hails from Texas and is ranked on the list of 2225 most influential Businesspersons. His height is 184 cm and his weight is Not Available. He has kept his personal life private and is not married or in a relationship. He has no children and prefers not to disclose his private life.

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