Zendaya Coleman is Hollywood’s new rising star

Zendaya Coleman is a young Hollywood star who has already established herself as a talented actress, singer, fashion model and style icon. Millions of fans and subscribers follow her life.

The images of the star are a source of inspiration for many teenagers. Her appearance at events creates a sensation, they are equal to her, they imitate her. What is the secret of Zendaya’s success and what does this adorable girl’s style consist of?

Brightness of colors

Zendaya has an exotic appearance: dark skin, luxurious curly hair, large facial features, and therefore she can afford the brightest colors. Juicy colors not only do not overshadow the actress, but also perfectly emphasize her natural beauty and help to be the center of attention at any event. So, at the premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the star appeared in a stunning fuchsia dress from Ralph & Russo, and at the Emmy Awards she shone in an emerald dress from Vera Wang.

brightness of colors

brightness of colors 2

Open belly

The young beauty boasts a slender figure, flawless abs and a thin waist and, of course, loves to show her dignity on the red carpet. The actress often chooses images with crop tops or bold cutouts, and focuses on the waist. At the same time, Zendaya knows how to play such a bold technique correctly: no unnecessary details, minimalism, dina maxi and total look.

Zindai style

Zindai style 2

Unusual cut

For exits on the red carpet, Zendaya often chooses extravagant solutions, combining rich colors and intricate cuts. She uses oversized bows, multicolored feathers, asymmetries, bold cuts, or a mix of materials and textures. The main rule when drawing up such outfits is not to overdo it. One bright accent in the image is quite enough, an unusual dress does not need any additions in the form of catchy jewelry, complex styling or overly active makeup.

One of Zendaya’s most memorable outings was her stunning butterfly dress from the fashion house Moschino, in which the actress wore the premiere of The Greatest Showman. Such a bold look with seductive cutouts and fiery wings struck everyone on the spot.

Zendaya style 3

Zendaya style 4

The severity of the lines

Pantsuits are Zendaya’s undoubted favorites, but at the same time she never looks boring and too conservative in them, but, on the contrary, surprises with daring and bold decisions. The actress chooses unusual models in rich colors, original cut or complements the costumes with catchy accessories. The style, color, fabric and way of presentation vary depending on the situation: a classic suit in various designs can look both strict and elegant, as well as sexy.

the severity of the lines

strictness of lines 2

Zendaya street style

A separate topic is the street style of the young star. The girl clearly separates events where she shines in luxurious images, and everyday life, in which completely different solutions will look more appropriate. Outside the red carpet, Zendaya focuses on comfort and convenience, with chic dresses giving way to denim and sport chic, and high heels to sneakers.

Street style

street style 2

Zendaya Coleman is the favorite and style icon of millennials, the embodiment of the modern girl – versatile, independent and vibrant. Her looks are a successful mix of Hollywood luxury, daring sexuality and youthful lightness – everything that allows her to look stunning and casual at the same time.

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