Roger E Mosley Net Worth

Roger E Mosley Net Worth

Roger E. Mosley was born on December 18th 1938 in Los Angeles, California and is an accomplished actor, writer and director best known for his roles on various films and TV series.

Over his career, he has appeared in over 60 movie and TV titles primarily focused on action, adventure, comedy and drama. Additionally, he was a former boxer and member of Watts Repertory Company.

His acting credits include several short roles in action crime dramas Longstreet and Cannon, mystery thriller The Sixth Sense, fantasy horror Night Gallery. However, it was his role on popular television series Magnum P.I. that made him most memorable; he played a helicopter pilot who became friends with Tom Selleck’s character Thomas Magnum.

In addition to his role on Magnum, he made many guest appearances on other shows like Night Court, Starsky and Hutch, The Rockford Files, and Sanford and Son. Furthermore, he had a long and successful career as an actor, director, screenwriter.

He was an immensely popular actor onstage and featured in multiple Broadway productions. Nominated for a Tony Award, his work was praised by critics and audiences alike.

He married Saundra Locke on July 16th 1960 after dating for around a year; however, they divorced in 1979 without disclosing the exact date of their split. Together they had two children: Cha-a and Brandonn.

After their divorce, Roger began dating Toni Laudermilk. They have three children together – a daughter and son.

His net worth is estimated to be $3 million as of February 2021. He earns a considerable amount from his acting career and other sources of income.

The actor was born in Los Angeles, California and has been married twice. His first marriage only lasted a year before it ended in divorce. Following this rift, he embarked on a new relationship with Toni Laudermilk in 1976 that has lasted ever since.

He is a very private individual, preferring not to discuss his love life, dating history or marital status. On the contrary, he is very active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram where he keeps up with his fans.

CelebrityNetWorth estimates his net worth to be $3 million as of early 2017. This wealth comes from his acting career and other business ventures.

His net worth has likely grown over time due to his immense success in his career. He has been a household name for some time and is believed to have amassed considerable wealth through his endeavors.

His net worth serves as a testament to the wealth that can be amassed through success in the entertainment industry, simply by being an accomplished actor.

He had an illustrious and varied acting career, appearing in various films and television programs throughout his long and successful career. Additionally, he achieved great success as a businessman; founding his own helicopter charter company and owning a bar.

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