Ronnell Burns Net Worth

Although Ronnell Burns’ net worth isn’t public, the internet personality is a native of Atlanta. He is well-known for his many stints on the internet, including blogging and coaching. He was rumored to have died along with his first wife, but he has not confirmed that he is dead. Burns stated in a YouTube video that they had discussed divorcing but decided to settle things.

The couple was Christian ministers, and their ministry 4 His Glory was popular in the social media world. Ronnell was found dead in his Sandy Springs home in November after his wife, Keianna, fatally shot him. The couple had eight children together. Keianna also owned a St. Louis beauty and barbershop. Keianna struggled to adjust to Georgia and, after Ronnell’s passing, committed suicide.

Ronnell Burns had a healthy net worth before her death. She was a popular online coach for budding entrepreneurs and a speaker at different business retreats and events. Her net worth was estimated to be more than $1 million. She also had a large network with mentors. Her success has led to an increase in her net worth. The entrepreneur’s death and loss is a tragic example of the power of social media and the power of the internet.

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