Rorschach test – find out what’s going on in your head

Hermann Rorschach is a Swiss psychiatrist who created a method for diagnosing free associations. With its help, you can quickly and effectively explore the human psyche.

The essence of this psychodiagnostic method is to stimulate free associations. Simply put, a person looks at a blot and describes what is depicted on it. This description can be used to judge his personality characteristics.

Important! The Rorschach test has many nuances. It is personalized, so we simplified it so that you get the result in 5 minutes.

All you have to do is look at the 3 images below and remember what you looked at. Ready? Then get started!

Rorschach test
No. 1 Illustration by Colady
Rorschach test 2
# 2 Illustration by Colady
Rorschach test 3
No. 3 Illustration by Colady

Choose the answer that best suits yours:

  • In all the images, you have clearly seen a specific image. (such as animals, human face or landscape). Living by the rules is not your motto. You know how to build goals and move towards achieving them, you never stop there. Know how to make quick decisions in a critical situation, and this is a very valuable skill.
  • You wanted to finish drawing some detail on the blot so that a holistic image loomed You are experiencing intense anxiety at the moment. The current state of affairs does not suit you. Strive to make a difference. You may have been treated unfairly recently and yearn for retribution.
  • You have fixed attention on a particular detail… You have good analytical and logical skills. You never act impulsively, you weigh everything correctly. You are distinguished by curiosity. You enjoy making discoveries in different areas of life. Friends and family often look to you for advice.
  • You were attracted by the color scheme of the blots. You are a man of feeling. Often you act too recklessly, impulsively. Follow your emotions. People around you may think you are too arrogant, charismatic, or extravagant. Know how to attract attention to yourself. Being part of the crowd is boring and humiliating for you.
  • You were attracted by the blot shape Your main weapon is your mind. You think that before making any decision it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons. You are a very reasonable and wise person. You have a high level of intelligence and use it skillfully. Keep it up!
  • You presented images on blots in dynamics If you saw some objects and imagined how they move, this indicates that you are the master of your life. We got used to being responsible for everything. Know how to control your own emotions and thoughts. That is why they are always restrained, do not fall into uncontrollable anger.

And what did you see on the blots? Share your answers in the comments, we are very interested.

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