The evolution of Christina Aguilera’s style

Christina Aguilera has been shining on stage for over twenty years and today it is already impossible to imagine the music industry without this bright blonde. The style of the star has always been a separate topic – someone criticizes the bold images of the singer, and someone admires her independence from stereotypes and other people’s opinions. Let’s remember how the image of one of the most popular singers of our time has changed.

1998 – 2004: cheeky noughties girl


Young Christina Aguilera made a name for herself in 1998 by releasing the soundtrack “Reflection” for the cartoon “Mulan”, and a year later her first album “Christina Aguilera” was released, which immediately gained popularity in different countries. At that time, the style of a rising star fully corresponded to all the trends of the early 2000s and repeated the main trends of that time: low waist, bare belly, shiny fabrics, camouflage print, piercings, chocolate tan. At the beginning of her career, Christina practically did not differ from her colleagues and did not stand out in any way against their background.

2004 – 2007: feminine retro diva

retro diva

In 2004, Christina for the first time tries on the image a la Marilyn Monroe and immediately creates a sensation: feminine dresses that emphasize the figure, deep neckline, scarlet lipstick and Hollywood curls turn out to be very suitable for a pretty blonde.

“I don’t know why, but with red lipstick I’m somehow nicer. Perhaps this is already a kind of vulnerability. “

Despite the change in her image, the singer did not refuse from her favorite self-tanning, and sometimes the bronze skin color strongly contrasted with luxurious retro looks and haute couture dresses.

2007 – 2011: rockabilly and sexuality


Gradually, Christina abandons the gentle and feminine style and increasingly turns to bright, provocative and sexy images with elements of the rockabilly style. The star prefers bright colors, fluffy skirts, voluminous and high styling.

The image that Christina showed at the Golden Globe ceremony in 2010 surprised many fans of the star: the singer unexpectedly abandoned the emphasized sexuality, artificiality and bright makeup, relying on softness and naturalness. Bravo, Christina!

The changed figure did not force Christina to abandon her favorite silhouettes and bright colors. During the promo-tour of Burlesque, the star showed very provocative and controversial images, which were criticized by many.

“My sexuality is a part of me, it makes me a woman and allows me to be myself. I don’t care too much if it hurts anyone or not. I believe that everyone has the right to control himself and feel comfortable in his own body. “

2012 – 2018: bright rocker


Having recovered, Christina began to actively experiment with style, regularly changing her hairstyle, hair color and stylistic directions. Now, instead of dresses, the star increasingly chooses jeans and tight-fitting trousers, complementing them with leather jackets with rivets, T-shirts and caps. The look is completed with red lipstick and hair dyed in different colors.

“You don’t need to constantly limit yourself in something. Even in the name of beauty. After all, only a woman contented with life can be truly beautiful. “

In 2013, Christina lost weight again and briefly returned to her beloved feminine image, which, however, was no longer so theatrical and looked much more modern.

“I am proud that I am developing, that I have changed so many images. I don’t like monotony, and I am always on the lookout for fresh ideas. It is important for me to constantly grow above myself and improve. “

2018 – 2020: oversized, futurism and avant-garde


In 2018, Christina continues to change and experiment with the image. The star starred for the American edition of Paper without makeup and false eyelashes, showing the world her real self, and increasingly began to appear in public with a nude make-up, without the usual scarlet lipstick and Hollywood curls.

“I’ve always enjoyed experimenting. I love theatricality, I love creating my own plot and playing a character on stage or in a video clip. I am an artist by nature. But now, even in music, I value myself for who I am. I feel free, discarding the stage image and showing my natural beauty. “

Overalls, deaf coats, deliberately wide shoulders and oversize are replacing tight-fitting dresses and a deep neckline, and instead of brightness and shine, the singer prefers black and strict stripes.

Sometimes Christina prefers non-standard solutions in the avant-garde style: large catchy details, contrasting combinations, geometry, asymmetric cut, feathers, voluminous accessories. Despite her diminutive stature, the singer often chooses complex and non-standard solutions that give additional volume.

Christina Aguilera is not only a talented singer, but also a bright girl who loves to change, experiment and try everything new. Over the course of a long career, her style has undergone significant changes and has evolved from the glamor of the 2000s to daring extravagance.

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