Scott Bloomquist Net Worth

Scott Bloomquist has earned tremendous wealth as a professional race car driver. With more than 500 career wins under his belt and having made significant inroads into dirt track racing, Bloomquist is also the owner of Team Zero Race Cars; an affordable Dirt Late Model chassis builder.

Scott Bloomquist of Fort Dodge, Lowa began racing at Corona Raceway at age 17 and has never looked back since. Since then he has won multiple awards and been honored with induction into the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame. Today his net worth exceeds 2 Million USD as his career brings in significant income.

Bloomquist has been racing dirt late models for more than 30 years, amassing an extensive fan base. His success can be attributed to hard work and dedication he shows towards this form of competition, along with sportsmanship and charitable efforts in his local community.

Bloomquist was involved in a serious motorcycle accident near Daytona Beach in Florida on March 19, 2019. He suffered serious leg and hip injuries; currently receiving rehabilitation. Additionally, he is married and shares one child with Katrina Rouse Bloomquist.

Scott Bloomquist has been involved with racing for more than 30 years and has earned many prestigious accolades in that time, such as being inducted into the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame, winning multiple World of Outlaws Late Model Series championships, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series crowns and four World 100 wins and eight Late Model Dream victories in his career. The couple resides together in Mooresburg in Hawkins County Tennessee.

Scott Bloomquist remains committed to continuing his racing career despite suffering an injury, having amassed over 600 career wins – making him one of the most prolific dirt late model racers ever!

He boasts numerous sponsors and is widely-admired as an American racer. At 58 years old, he made an amazing recovery following a serious injury and won several of the country’s most renowned races.

American racer Ryan Hunter keeps his personal life and love life private, having had two previous relationships, but is currently single. Racing star Scott Bloomquist prefers to keep his romantic life private, yet is happy to speak openly about his career and achievements in motorsports. Scott serves as an inspiration to young racers worldwide and enjoys great popularity worldwide. Instagram and Twitter provide him with an immense fan base who regularly follow his updates and posts, acting as an example for hard work and persistence resulting in success in any field of endeavor. Furthermore, his motivational quotes are shared widely among racers and fans around the world.

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