select a picture and find out what Freud would say about you

What do you think, what would Sigmund Freud himself say to you? Try to pass this unusual test, and you will find out how you could characterize you or what a famous psychoanalyst, whose name has long become a household name, could advise.

You need to look at the proposed six pictures and choose only one that immediately attracted your attention or somehow “hooked” you.

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Test: choose the picture you like.  How would Sigmund Freud comment on your choice?

Image 1

If you had to talk live with the “father of psychoanalysis,” he would have let the following quote go to your address: “Humor is a powerful defense mechanism. It allows you to save the energy of the mind, and a good joke can block all nascent unpleasant emotions. “

However, do not overdo it, and do not use jokes and humor in order to hide your real needs and emotional vortexes raging inside you.

Image 2

These words of Freud clearly apply to you: “For fun, we are able to voice everything, and even the truth.”

Perhaps you are too casual about any of your relationships and do not value much. Change your superficial perception to a more thoughtful approach. Remember that what you say and do can backfire.

Image 3

Freud would most likely tell you the following: “Pain arises or increases if we attach value and meaning to this pain, and it goes away as soon as we shift our focus of attention away from it.”

Remember this principle of psychoanalysis, and let it become your basic rule. Try not to fall into the trap of this behavioral pattern that reinforces negative emotions. Try to look at everything from a completely different angle.

Image 4

A quote from Freud for you: “The most defenseless we are when we love.”

The fear of letting go of your obsolete has been living in you for a long time, and it tries in every possible way to destroy your peace of mind and a sense of security. Try to look inside yourself, and without judging or evaluating yourself, because Freud says that “being completely honest with yourself is a great practice.” His advice will definitely make your life more harmonious and better.

Image 5

A great psychoanalyst would definitely tell you: “The masses never have a thirst to know the truth. The masses need illusions, because they cannot live without illusions. “

Be careful not to overdo it with your realism, pragmatism and even cynicism and, above all, try not to make generalizations. Our world is so diverse that you should learn to appreciate, understand and accept.

Image 6

Freud would have found it necessary to tell you the following quote: “For any woman, the desire to be loved is stronger than to love herself.”

You may be an ambitious and purposeful person, but at the end of a hypothetical conversation with a psychoanalyst, you can hear from him: “All successful individuals keep something childish in themselves.” Do not forget about your own inner child, pamper him and stop suffering about the past.

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