September Weather In Saint John New Brunswick

The September weather in Saint John, New Brunswick is fairly predictable. The sun will remain over the Atlantic Ocean for the entire month, and the temperatures will stay between the normal range. There is a small chance of a muggy day during the month. The muggiest day is on August 9 while the least muggy day occurs on January 1. Most days will be cloudy, but there are also some very windy days.

In September, the length of the day is shorter than in other months. The high temperature in Saint John is only about 57 degrees Fahrenheit, but the minimum is 38 degrees Fahrenheit. It will reach a high of 76 degrees during the month of October, which will result in the shortest day of the month. It will be a bit warmer, with a higher chance of showers than in other months. The humidity level will also be higher than in other months.

The average daily temperature is 17.7 degrees Celsius, with the lowest and highest temperatures being 11 and 22 degrees Celsius, respectively. In contrast, the lowest temperature during the month of September is only 2.3 degC. In Saint John, the highest and lowest day are the 30th and first days of the month. The sun will stay above the horizon for around 12 hours on average. The average amount of rainfall falls to around 90 mm on these months, with the average day being 12.6 hours long.

The average amount of precipitation per day is 0.044 inches. The monthly average is 14.6 degrees. However, the minimum temperature is 7.9 degrees and the highest temperature is 21.3 degrees. The average maximum temperature is 2.2 degrees and the coldest nights are a mere 1.9 degC. Regardless of the weather, it’s always worth visiting Saint John, New Brunswick in September.

In September, the average amount of rainfall is about 0.1 inches. The highest rainy day is September 30. In Saint John, the average rainfall in this month is 0.14 inches. The daily amount of precipitation in August is also lower than that of the other months. The average number of hours of sunlight is 12.6 hours a day. The sun will rise at 7:01 am on the longest day of the month.

September in Saint John is mild. The minimum temperature is 7.9 degC and the maximum temperature is 21.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest days of the month are July and August. Although September is the hottest month, it is still chilly in January. The average temperature in Saint John in January is -7.1 degrees Celsius (19 degF). The minimum and maximum temperatures are both below the average in August.

In Saint John, the length of the day decreases by about one hour, thirty minutes. This means that the shortest day is September 30. The longest day is September 1. The average wind speed is 6.7 miles per hour. It is a bit cold for swimming in Saint John, but not unbearable. It is very easy to get lost in this city. So, the best way to plan your trip to the capital of New Brunswick is to get ready for the worst.

The climate of Saint John in September is very cold. The average daily temperature in Saint John is five degrees cooler than it is on other months. The lowest days are August 8 and September 17 and the wettest month is December 24. The shortest day is September 30. The wettest day is September 1, while the hottest is September 16. At the end of the month, the wind speed decreases significantly. In addition to the wind speed, the monthly temperature is 9.5 degrees above the average.

In Saint John, the average hourly wind speed is 6.5 miles per hour. It is cold for swimming in Saint John. The average daily wind speed is eight miles per minute. The maximum wind speed in September is 6.4 miles per hour. It is a very mild month. The minimum temperature is seven degrees in the evening. The minimum temperature is eight in September. It is the coldest month of the year.

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