Sergio Carrallo Net Worth

Sergio Carrallo’s networth might interest you. This former soccer player has built his net worth through a series of successful business ventures. He is most well-known for his work as a digital marketing specialist for Nike. He also owns several luxury cars. He also has his own YouTube channel, SC & Family. You might also be interested in Sergio’s relationship to Caroline Stanbury, whom he met on Real Housewives of Dubai.

Sergio Carrallo’s networth is unknown as he has not disclosed his income. His total assets are estimated at around $800,000, and his fiancee has another $30 million to her name. Born in Spain, Sergio Carrallo is currently twenty-seven years old and is of Spanish descent. He stands at five feet and nine inches tall and weighs 79 kilogrammes (kg).

Sergio Carrallo’s networth is approximately $70 million as of 2022. He has a young boyfriend, a family, and a wiki. He also enjoys soccer and other hobbies. His Instagram account contains Caroline-related content. He also maintains profiles on Twitter and Facebook. If you want to know more about Sergio Carrallo, you can check out his Instagram account. The account has more than 135k followers.

The Spanish soccer player was born 28 September 1994. His full name is Sergio Jose Carrallo Bendas, which is pronounced “Sergio C Carallo.” The young man has played for the Real Madrid soccer team and the Newyork Cosmos. He has also obtained a master’s degree from Columbia University. And while his net worth is not yet fully known, he has become a popular YouTuber.

Sergio Carrallo’s net worth has increased dramatically since he married Caroline Stanbury in Nepal in early January 2021. His relationship with Stanbury has been a contentious one. They met in the United States, and began dating simultaneously. Apparently, Sergio helped Caroline Stanbury overcome her previous relationship, so he proposed marriage to her in the Himalayas. The two got engaged on 11 November 2021, and their wedding day was announced in December 2021.

While Sergio Carrallo has been playing soccer for over a decade, his net worth is still under review. He has not disclosed his net worth, but he is believed to be worth $30 million. Sergio has a successful YouTube channel together with his partner. This video channel has been earning him money from brand organizations. Sergio was once a member of the legendary New York Cosmos and Real Madrid soccer teams. He studied in California after his soccer career.

After leaving the New York Cosmos, Sergio Carrallo moved to California to pursue his dream career. His father worked in the technology industry and he spent some of his summers studying English. He has also been interviewed and appeared on numerous podcasts. His net worth is impressive considering his career in the sport. It is also a measure his personal success. He is not currently making a living playing soccer.

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