Soapy eyebrows – how to do it right

For the preparation of the material, thanks to the expert of the magazine, makeup artist-stylist Tatyana Serova.

Thin eyebrows-threads were replaced by wide and bright ones, made with the help of tattooing. They did not last long in the top, and now they were again replaced by naturalness. Thick and bright eyebrows, as if they have never seen tweezers, are the dream of any modern girl who follows the trends in the fashion world. To make them this way, it is not at all necessary to run to an expensive salon or buy masks for fabulous money that promise to grow plucked vegetation. A simple bar of soap is enough for the effect of natural density. How to make “soapy eyebrows” correctly?

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Step # 1: Choosing a Soap

To create soapy eyebrows at home, we need bar soap. However, you need to choose it especially carefully: a high pH level with prolonged contact with the skin will cause flaking, redness and, possibly, a rash.

soapy eyebrows

“Choose soap with pH 5.5-7, without fragrance and smell, Make-up artist Tatiana Koval advises in the master class. Almost any baby is ideal – it does not dry the skin, does not cause watery eyes in case of accidental contact with the eyes, and practically does not smell. “

Step # 2: preparation

Before makeup, eyebrows should be cleaned of dead cells. It is advisable to do this with a mild scrub or washcloth. Moisten the brow arches thoroughly, apply the product, rub for 1-2 minutes and rinse with warm water.

“You need a brush-comb to apply soap, says Sarah Jagger, makeup artist, eyebrow specialist. This can often be found on the cap of an eyebrow pencil. If you don’t have one, an ordinary toothbrush will do. “


Step # 3: Application

In the photo, soapy eyebrows look natural, thick and slightly sloppy. This effect is achieved thanks to the special combing. Gently lather the brush and apply the soap to your brows from roots to ends, combing the hairs up. Let the hair dry for 2-3 minutes.

Attention! When styling your eyebrows, apply the soap in a calm and slow motion, otherwise foam will appear and you will have to start all over again.

Step # 4: staining

Since just making soapy eyebrows to create thickening is not enough, after applying the product, use the usual method of coloring.

how to make up eyebrows at home

“Use your usual colors and means: eye shadow, pencil, eyebrow lipstick or any other, continues Sarah Jagger. The soap base will do the rest for you. Brows tinted in this way look natural and thick as the soap envelops each hair, giving it thickness and volume. ”

Step # 5: anchoring

After applying the color, use a couple of drops of colorless gel or hairspray to set the result. Soapy eyebrows look as natural and textured as possible, but they should be worn with care: water can negate all your efforts.

Since soap eyebrows came into fashion, all other means of correction are gradually fading into the background: after all, now you can return the density and volume at home without expensive cosmetics and professional procedures.

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