Do-it-yourself do-it-yourself business board development board for children – a master class for making a children’s business board

How to make a do-it-yourself business boardThe board “business board” known today to many parents was invented at the beginning of the 20th century by an Italian teacher and doctor Maria Montessori. In those days, there were only a few elements on the board that, according to the expert, were necessary – laces, a chain with a latch, a switch and a classic socket with a plug.

Nowadays, the number of subjects on the “business board” has significantly increased, but the basic concept of this educational “toy” has not changed.

The content of the article:

  1. What is a business board – parts and materials
  2. The benefits of the bodyboard and the age of the child
  3. How to make a business board – master class

What is a business board – parts and materials for making a developing board for girls and boys

What is the popular business board?

Do-it-yourself business board development module for children - master class

First of all, it is – game panel, with which you develop your baby.

The panel is a beautifully designed board with educational elements of various sizes, shapes and fillings placed on it. The business board can lie on the table, be attached to the wall, or stand on the floor with the help of a special support.

The main idea that guided Montessori when creating the board is the development of hand motor skills and the activation of the baby’s brain activity. The business boards cope with this task with a bang.

Video: What is a business board?

What elements can be pinned to the board?

First of all, the most useful and necessary!

We are looking for the rest on the mezzanines and in closets …

  1. Espagnolettes, door latches and large chains.
  2. Lightning (learning to fasten and unfasten) and Velcro (as well as large buttons and buttons). Lightning can be designed like the smile of a fairytale character.
  3. Lacing (we draw a shoe on the board and fix a real lace on it, learning to tie it yourself is a long and difficult process). You don’t have to draw a shoe, but attach one of those that are already small.
  4. Bells, bells and horns from the bike, rattles and flashlights.
  5. “Barn” lock with a key (the key can be tied to a strong string).
  6. Socket with plug.
  7. Conventional switches (Sveta).
  8. “Telephone” (circle from the rotary telephone).
  9. Mini keyboard and calculator.
  10. Door bell (battery powered).
  11. Mini faucet with valves.
  12. Wooden abacus (you can simply put plastic rings on the base of the cornice or string large beads in several nearby on a strong string).

And so on.

The main thing is to captivate the baby and encourage him to take certain actions.

You can also do …

  • Holes of different geometric shapes, so that the kid learns to push through them correspondingly shaped objects.
  • Windows with cheerful bright pictures.

remember, that the most important thing when creating a board is safety

Of course, the more items, the more interesting.

But all of them must be securely fixed on the board, taking into account the fact that the toddler will not only unbutton-fasten, open, ring and pull, but also try to tear off one or another object.

Video: BiziBord, game development stand, do it yourself – part 1

The benefits of a business board – for what age is the child’s development module intended?

Parents have been actively using the development board for 8-9 months already, and a 5-year-old baby will also be interested in playing with it.

Differences in business boards for different ages are only in the set of items.

  • Of course, for the smallest toddlers it is better to choose soft items – lacing and Velcro, rubber “horns”, ribbons and so on.
  • And older kids you can already please with the usually forbidden plugs, switches and locks.

The earlier the baby realizes the principle of operation of each specific object, the lower the risk that he will be played by them in their natural form.

Video: BiziBord, game development stand, do it yourself – part 2


With a business board, you can take a toddler for a very long time. But remember that you should not leave your child alone with such a toy! An unsecured part (or loose after active play) may end up in the hands, and then in the baby’s mouth. Be careful and fix the parts as firmly and reliably as possible.

What is the use of a smart board?

A modern business board, the creation of which the parents (or manufacturers) approached with the mind, solve several problems at the same time – educational, play, teaching and developmental.

The aim of the board game – not the game itself, but learning through the game. And even more precisely – assistance in the development of the independence of the baby.

With the help of the “smart” board, development takes place …

  • Fine and gross motor skills.
  • Mindfulness and independence.
  • Thinking.
  • Sensorics.
  • Creativity.
  • Logic and memory.
  • Speech development (note – the development of speech and fine motor skills are closely related).
  • Skills (buttoning a button, tying a lace, opening a lock, etc.).

Scientists have repeatedly proven connection of the vocal apparatus and fine motor skills. The influence of finger movement is significant in the formation and development of the speech functions of the toddler.

The more actively you help the child to develop the work of hands and fingers, the faster he will learn to speak, think, observe, analyze, memorize, etc. correctly.

A child 2-3 years old does not speak – when to sound the alarm, and what to do?

Video: BiziBord, game development stand, do it yourself – part 3

How to make a business board for children – a master class in step by step tips and video

Today, a business board can be purchased in a store or online.

But it is much more interesting to make it more independent for your little one.

Moreover, it will give you confidence in the reliable fastening of parts and, at the same time, save 2000-4000 rubles from the family budget.

  1. Determining the size of the future business board taking into account the free space in the nursery and with its future place of “deployment” (portable, fixed on the wall or another option).
  2. Optimal dimensions: about 300 x 300 mm – for the smallest, from 300 x 300 mm and up to 500 x 500 mm (or even up to 1 m / sq) – for older kids. The most important thing in choosing a size: the baby should easily reach with his hand to each object, without leaving his place.
  3. We decide on the assortment of parts, taking into account the age of the crumbs. For a crawling baby, a small bodyboard with 2-3 soft elements is enough. For a two-year-old, you can make a bigger and more interesting stand.
  4. The basis of the business board. It is recommended to choose natural board or thick plywood. Many parents even adapt doors from old bedside tables, pieces of laminated chipboard left over from repairs and old doors for a business board. For younger kids, you can upholster the board with foam rubber to avoid accidental injury.
  5. Self-tapping screws, nails and glue can be used as means for fastening the elements. Choose a board so thick that your nails and screws do not stick out from the back!
  6. It is recommended to cover the edges of the board with a special seal., or sand and coat twice with a safe varnish. The ideal option is to order a blank from a hardware store, the edges of which will be covered with planks (as on countertops).
  7. Think over the design of the business board. You can, of course, just fix a dozen elements on the board, or you can get creative with the process. For example, fix the door chains on the drawn houses, fix the ribbons (for learning how to weave braids) on the drawn head of a cartoon character, design the lightning as the smile of a Cheshire cat or crocodile, and so on.
  8. After applying the markup and creating the main drawings, windows, pasting bright pictures or fabrics, we proceed to fixing the game elements. We fix them conscientiously – reliably and firmly, checking the risks right there, without leaving the place. We use exclusively non-toxic glue.
  9. We carefully check the board for reliability, splinters / burrs, flimsy parts, screws sticking out from the wrong side, etc.

Now you can fix your board on the wall or add a powerful support to it so that it does not fall on your baby while playing.

Video: BiziBord, game development stand, do it yourself – part 4

Do you have a boy or a girl?

In principle, the interests of toddlers aged 8-18 months are roughly similar.

But older kids already reaching for toys, according to their gender.

Parents, of course, know better what their child likes best, but you can also rely on the numerous reviews of moms and dads about business boards “by gender.”

  • “Smart” board for boys. As you know, almost all boys (from crumbs to adult boys aged 40 and over) love to assemble and disassemble, design, screw something, etc. Therefore, the future man’s business board can be equipped with latches and large bolts, chains and hooks, springs, large nuts (with a spanner on a string), a water tap. There you can also attach a “steelyard” (instead of a hook we hang a ring), sockets and switches, parts of a large designer (so that they can be used to assemble figures directly on the business board), telephone disks, a mini-steering wheel from a children’s car, battery-powered flashlights, etc. You can choose the theme of the sea (pirate), automobile, space. For example, a mini-bell, an anchor and a compass, ropes, a steering wheel – for a marine business board; steering wheel, speedometer, bolts with wrenches – for a young car enthusiast.
  • “Smart” board for girls. It is much easier to choose a theme – from a business board of a little princess to a young hostess, a needlewoman, a stylist, etc. We supply the board with elements according to the theme. Lacing and zippers, buttons with hooks, abacus, locking mechanisms, a doll that you can put on and undress, a clothesline with clothespins, a safe mirror, mini pockets with “secrets”, bells, fake braids, a calculator and mini-scales, tassels with combs, drawing screen, etc.

This is important: what to consider when creating a business board:

  • Choose a safe base! If you decide to paint it, then the paint should be non-toxic (like varnish, if you cover the edges and base with it). Carefully treat the entire surface so that no drifts or burrs remain on the board.
  • Do not use too small items for the bodyboard. When using keys from locks and other similar parts, make sure that they are as firmly attached to the board as possible.
  • No sharp objects! Everything stabbing and cutting, with sharp corners and the risk of “falling off” – into the box and back to the mezzanine.
  • Nuts, bolts and wrenches (large size!), You can choose plastic – there are enough of them today in all children’s stores.
  • If you decide to attach small doors to the board, be sure to fill the space underneath with something. The child will quickly lose interest if there is only “nothing” under the doors. You can draw cartoon characters or make a niche in which the kid can put his small toys.
  • Having tasted the outlet with a plug, the little one may want to use home sockets as well. Therefore, take care of its safety in advance. and put special plugs on all open sockets in the house. 15 useful purchases to keep your child safe
  • If the board is not fixed to the wall, but installed on the floor, then use a powerful frame, which will provide the bodyboard with maximum stability (so that even an adult cannot accidentally overturn the board).

There is no greater joy and delight for kids than putting pens on the “forbidden”. All “impossible” in an apartment can be transferred to a business board and the problem can be solved in one go.

Of course, one business board will not be enough for you for all childhood, but as you grow up, the baby can change the contents of the “smart” board, according to age and emerging “Wishlist”.

Have you had any experience of creating a business board for a child? Share with our readers the secrets of your creativity!

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