SoundCloud for Music Promo: Tips for Musician

How to make SoundCloud Promo for Musician

SoundCloud is a music distribution platform with millions of musicians. It offers an easy publishing system and free access to uploaded tracks. The platform is popular among artists for unveiling their debut releases and creating their initial fan base. You have to stand up to the competition among artists on the platform to get yourself recognized by the audience.

Uploading your tracks on SoundCloud alone won’t give you the exposure you need. However, using available marketing, distribution, and analytical tools to promote your works across platforms would help. Here are tips on how to gain exposure on SoundCloud and promote your songs.

Use your listeners’ statistics

SoundCloud provides data on listeners of tracks uploaded on its platform. The information will give you a better understanding of your followers. The demographics of your listeners are essential in planning marketing campaigns.

Sync your social network accounts

A coordinated social media marketing strategy will expose your music. You will likely reach a broader audience when you publish your track on SoundCloud and promote it on social networks. A new follower on one channel may follow you on other networks, increasing your listenership.

You can upload a video clip or still picture from your promotional mix on YouTube. Your online presence is necessary for gaining views on this platform. Instagram allows artists to give a face to their brands through its “Live” and “Stories” features. The platform lets you establish your brand and draw traffic to your SoundCloud profile. You are sure of massive retweets of your posts if you interact with your Twitter followers.

Team up with other music creators

Collaboration exposes you to new listeners. You can get features on other artists’ songs or feature them in yours. However, the collaborators must work closely for the success of the project. Music producers can sell or give free beats to SoundCloud’s emerging rappers. The producer should ensure that the sound is compatible with the artist’s flow.

Besides, you can remix a famous track if the owner permits you. Adding your flair to it exposes your style to the audience, attracting new listeners. You can also use an artist’s popular beat for your promotions. The sound will draw the attention of people who consider it their favorite.

Interactions with other artists and fans

Networking can help you establish your presence on SoundCloud. It will help if you are selective when engaging other platform users and content. Engaging fellow artists and fans by commenting, reposting, and following can earn you listeners. Besides, you can join groups that are relevant to your style.

Adjust SoundCloud settings to favor your music exposure

Some specific actions help you to grow your listeners’ figures. You can set your tracks to “stream only,” which boosts stream count and restricts listeners from downloading the song and re-uploading it on other platforms. Besides, you can place part of it behind the paywall. Most artists only allow a preview of their long-form releases. However, listeners on the platform can have free access to the B-sides of the artists’ tracks and their singles.

Improve your Google and SoundCloud SEO

You can help the audience to find your tracks on other platforms easily. You can use easy-to-read, clear titles and tags to achieve this purpose. Use a professional name for your artist name, preferably written with spaces. Also, add tags when you upload your tracks. Such tags and titles can improve your songs’ ranking on search results.

SoundCloud provides artists with tools for distributing and marketing their music, allowing them to earn revenue. You can access enhanced analytics, monetize your songs, and use distribution deals to get them on other platforms. Opting for the “Pro subscription” gives you more benefits.



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