St John The Apostle Catholic School Tuition

Saint John the Apostle Catholic School is a non-sectarian, private, co-educational, and co-ed, boarding and day school. Its mission is to serve the Body of Christ, the church. Its students are prepared to live as disciples of Jesus, not just as disciples. They are physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared. St. John the Apostle, one the most important saints of history, inspired the name of the school. St. Paul also calls him a Pillar in the Church.

The school offers an excellent education and a diverse experience. The school places a strong emphasis on service. The middle and high school grades have service projects. These include clothing for the homeless and collecting toys and gifts for Christmas. STEM clubs and classes, such as Math Club and Forensics, are also available. A good portion of the students are involved in the community, and the faculty, parents, and staff are very engaged in the lives of the students.

To apply for a scholarship at St. John the Apostle Catholic School, parents must meet with the principal, Tony Arens. The deadline for scholarship applications is March 31st, next year. They are subject to approval by the school board. If you are a qualified candidate, you must meet the deadlines for the Guardian Angel and Good Shepherd scholarships. The application deadline for the Family Tuition Cap and the Guardian Angel scholarship applications must be submitted before July 31, 2022.

Parents must pay tuition by June 30th after being accepted. Parents must pay $45 for enrollment and $25 for late or returned checks. Parents must meet with the Tuition Committee to be exempted from late payments. Families also have a fundraising obligation of $300. The obligation will be added to school fees and will also include percentages from fundraising activities.

Students must pay their tuition through FACTS. To join the online tuition system, families must pay $45 in enrollment fees. If they miss a payment after enrollment, they will be charged a $25 late fee. They must discuss their financial situation with Tuition Committee if they are unable or unwilling to pay on time. Families are also required to contribute $300 to the school’s annual fundraiser. The amount will be applied to the fundraising obligation.

There are many options for families to pay tuition. They can apply for the Guardian Angel Scholarship, Family Tuition Cap, Good Shepherd Scholarship, or Family Tuition Cap. They must apply by July 31, 2022. The deadlines for these scholarships are March 31 and July 1, respectively. And the Tuition Committee has a fundraising obligation of $300 per family. The percentages will be applied to the obligation. The balance of the financial obligations is due by May 15th.

Families may be eligible for financial aid through the Family Tuition Cap Scholarship or Good Shepherd Scholarship. These scholarships require an application submitted before March 31 to the school’s principal, Tony Arens. This scholarship is available to help any family with a tuition payment. The family income of a student can also play a major role in choosing a Catholic school. The school provides excellent academic opportunities.

Scholarships for tuition can be applied for by families. The deadline to apply for the Good Shepherd Scholarship or Family Tuition Cap Scholarships is March 31, 2022. A Guardian Angel scholarship can also be applied for by a family. These scholarship requests must be submitted to the school’s principal by July 31, 2022. There are many scholarships available, but you need to be aware of the deadlines. You must submit your application to the Family Tuition Cap scholarship or Good Shepherd scholarship to be eligible for a scholarship.

Students can apply for the Good Shepherd Scholarship and the Family Tuition Cap Scholarship. A family will need to submit their application to Tony Arens before July 31 of the following year. The Guardian Angel Scholarship has a deadline of March 31, 2022. Applicants will need to provide the school with a valid application for a Guardian Angel scholarship. In addition to these scholarships, you can apply for a Guardian Angel scholarship.

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