Star children. How Russian stars bring up heirs

All parents want their children to be successful. In this matter, it is important to correctly guide your child, to give him the necessary education and good upbringing. We noticed that very often children of stars reach great heights in life. Is it really only thanks to the authority of the star parents? Let’s see together what the children of stars have been doing since early childhood and how they are raised by the “rich and famous”.

Lisa and Harry Galkin

The children of Alla Pugacheva and Galkin are real Instagram stars! These kids conquered everyone with their cute appearance, cheerful disposition and creative talents. It can be seen that they deal with children a lot and with love. At the age of 6, the famous brother and sister no longer only speak, but also sing in French.

Hear what a wonderful timbre of voice Harry has:

Now admire Liza and celebrate Alla Pugacheva’s ingenious production:

And Harry is very fond of designing, and Lisa, like any girl, makes postcards “with a secret” and figures from a mosaic. Together with their mother, every morning the children practice music and acting. And we know that Alla Borisovna owns these skills perfectly! Oh, what improvisations they get!

In addition, the heirs of the family castle regularly go swimming, study painting, art, and literature.

Mom Alla devotes a lot of time to raising children. She loves to ask them philosophical questions so that the child’s brain begins to think about life values. She guides her little ones with a wise hand on the “road of good”. Pope Maxim carefully monitors the good manners of his children. Asks them to chew in silence at the table, speaks to them in French, teaches them to thank, help, be polite. Sometimes he makes them laugh colic or jokingly tries to find out their first secrets.

galkin and pugacheva

These children are raised primarily by their own example – in a family of stars they never quarrel, they do not raise their voices, they do not sort things out in front of children. Love and mutual understanding always reign in the Galkins’ house. And in such an atmosphere, children always grow and develop, to the delight of everyone!

Alisa Timurovna Yunusova

The daughter of Timati and Alena Shishkova Alisa is a beautiful blond child of 6 years old. Dad does not deny anything to his beloved daughter and indulges her with expensive jewelry, dolls and rest on the warm islands. Mom Alyona for Alice is the standard of beauty, grace, care and tenderness.

Timati with family

There is another key person in the girl’s life – her famous grandmother Simona. Simone devoted her best, wise years to the daughter of her eldest son. She accompanies her granddaughter in all her endeavors, shares the successes and supports in difficulties. And the baby has a lot of difficulties. From the age of 3, the girl has been practicing ballet and attending a theater studio. Even during self-isolation, acting lessons are not canceled. Alice is studying hard and here is one of the tasks when it was necessary to give an interview. See how Alice did it:

In addition to art, Alice does a lot of swimming, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, learning English and Spanish.

Alice and her grandmother watch only Soviet or modern children’s films in which they teach kindness and friendship. The girl is never compared to other children or even to her own parents. When subscribers ask who Alice looks like, the loving grandmother replies: “To herself!” Simone is not trying to predict who her granddaughter will be when she grows up. She dreams that Alice would grow up to be a good person and find herself in this life.

Timati's daughter

The son of Alena Vodonaeva – Bogdan

The 9-year-old son of TV presenter and blogger Alena Vodonaeva Bogdan practically does not take gadgets in his hands. Strict but caring mother filled the child’s room with interesting books. She rightly believes that a well-read child will always be able to express herself beautifully and maintain a conversation in any conversation.

vodonaeva with her son

In addition to reading, Bogdan tries himself in the modeling business and is already earning the first, still small money. Alena believes that it is necessary to teach children to be financially literate from an early age.

The TV presenter dreams of her son getting a higher education abroad. That is why I transferred my child to distance learning according to a special program that will allow him to gain deep knowledge and enter a prestigious university.

Alena sees her son in the future as a real man, capable of good deeds and great deeds.

vodonaeva with her son 2

Mikella Abramova

The youngest daughter of the singer Alsou studied singing and dancing from an early age. Her dad even joked once that he had never heard her daughter speak, as she sings all the time. Once the parents saw and at first did not even believe that their daughter was composing music and poetry herself – when they were convinced that this was true – they were very happy about her talent.

By May 9, Mikella sang a song of gratitude to the war heroes from all the children of the peaceful sky, listen how beautiful:

The girl’s parents pamper her on vacation, give expensive gifts for great success. But it’s not just that. During school time, the girl works very hard. She studies at an elite school in Moscow and studies 4 foreign languages: English, Spanish, Chinese and Hebrew. Alsou dreams that her daughter could freely express herself with people of different nationalities and feel free. Mikella also plays the piano and masters a new instrument for her – the ukulele (ukulele).

Alsou with her daughter

Parents are proud of their young talent, but most of all they dream that Mikella will grow up as a kind, sensitive and compassionate girl. From school age Mikella is taught to respect elders, to be polite, to say words of gratitude, to help people in difficult situations (remember that the girl donated her money prize from the Voice project to a charitable foundation).

mikella on voice

We really hope that all the dreams and hopes of star parents regarding their children will certainly come true. We will be happy to watch their success in adulthood. We wish the children great success in all their endeavors! And we express our gratitude to the parents for the example they set for all of us, parents of the best children.

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