The best loose eyeshadows – makeup artist’s personal rating, reviews

Loose eyeshadowLoose eyeshadow allows you to achieve more color intensity in your eye makeup than with regular pressed eyeshadow. That is why these products are so loved by makeup artists.

I have prepared for you a rating of the best products in this category.

NYX Loose Eyeshadow

Pressed shadows of this brand have recently gained recognition in the cosmetics market. After all, only recently they changed the formula, and now their shadows are of decent quality.

NYX Loose Eyeshadow

However, NYX powder eyeshadows have always been of high quality. The point is their good grinding, ease of application and running shades. Among them there are, like shining pigments,

NYX Luminous Pigments

and shiny glitters of a coarser grind.

NYX glittery glitters

Recently, the brand decided to update its line of loose eyeshadows by adding creamy pigments that have a more convenient texture to apply. They are densely coated to achieve greater color intensity than traditional pigments and glitters, and are affordable.

Such pigments make self-makeup more convenient and easier to use.

Price: 590 rub for 1 gram for traditional pigments and glitters, 630 rubles for 2 grams for cream pigments.

Inglot shadows in loose version

Very pleasant, high quality and long-lasting loose shadows. They have a beautiful palette of shades.

Inglot Loose Shadow

Among them there are duochroms – shadows that combine two shades at the same time, which shimmer very beautifully. To be honest, only this brand has such beautiful and rich color tints. Perhaps it’s all about the consistency of the shadows. All shades have a soft grind, the particles are small, do not injure the eyes, and fit quite tightly on the eyelid.

Most of the colors are classic for a beautiful and elegant evening make-up.

Loose eyeshadow Inglot colors

The brand regularly releases limited collections of pigments, in the creation of which celebrities take part. Depending on the method of application, both a thin, weightless coating and a very intense color can be obtained.

The cost is high, but for such a quality, I would recommend not to spare money. And enough shadows for a long time: 1150 rubles for a volume of 2 ml

Tammy Tanuka eyeshadow – brilliant in every sense

The brand has recently become known in wide circles, before that, mainly makeup artists knew about it. The eyeshadows of this brand have a huge variety of shades compared to others. There are matte, satin, and shiny options.

However, it is not surprising that the shadows are widespread: after all, among them there are the most unusual shades that have fabulous names. “The Witch from the Walnut Forest”, “Thunderstorm of the Seas”, “Diamond Dust” are not works of the fantasy genre, but the names of some shades of these amazing shadows.

Tammy tanuka

“Small keys to a fairy tale are our goal,” says the manufacturer. Plus, they don’t plan to expand, wanting to remain a small independent brand. All efforts will be aimed at improving products and expanding the palette of shades.

Despite some fabulousness and a reference to magical ingredients, the brand very strictly controls the production process of its products, and the site describes the production and packaging process in detail. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, only high-quality raw materials and materials are used for the manufacture of products.

Eyeshadow Tammy Tanuka

I really like most of the shades I have acquired. However, some of them, in my opinion, have a coarse grind, which gives a little discomfort when using, and some have too little pigmentation.

Price: 250 rubles for a volume of 1 ml and 400 rubles for 2 ml

MAC Eyeshadow Pigments

Pigments of this brand have been on the market for a long time. They include both matte and shimmery shades.


There are no large glitters among them, despite the fact that MAC is considered a rather creative brand. However, this does not in the least spoil the impression of these shadows. They allow you to give the eyelids a noble glow. Shades like vanilla are considered classics among makeup artists.

The matte shades of MAC Loose Shadows are used to soften shades and create smooth color transitions. These shadows are presented more often in monochromatic, but rather deep shades. Using them will make any makeup look interesting and charming.

MAC Eyeshadow Pigments

It is noteworthy that some of the most popular shades, in addition to the usual volume, are also presented in mini versions.

Price: 1800 rubles for 4.5 grams – normal volume, 800 rubles for 2.4 grams – mini version.

Eyeshadow Just

The loose shadows of this budget brand are, in my opinion, very underestimated. But they allow you to achieve good, even coverage on the eyelids with significant ease of use.

The palette of shades includes both matte and shining, shiny, as well as chameleon shades.

Eyeshadow Just

Their grinding is quite fine, the shadows are conveniently applied with a finger, and when applied to a special base they hold for a long time.

The only thing is, do not expect good color depth from all shades. Some of them are better used as an accent – that is, as a highlight on the protruding part of the upper eyelid.

Price: 360 rubles for 1 gram facilities.

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