stars who dress like homeless

They say, be simpler, and people will be drawn to you. However, celebrities understand this truth in their own way. The paparazzi have repeatedly noticed celebrities on the street in a bohemian bum style. The extravagant image of actresses in everyday life is so extraordinary that it often shocks the public. In the world of haute couture, he is called the boho style. The ability to combine incongruous things is the guiding principle of such an image.

Battle of Keira Knightley and Madonna

In ordinary life, these beauties are far from the stage image. Kira loves to wear voluminous knitted hats. She is attracted by clothes from the distant 90s and even 60s. With the size of the outfits, she also rarely guesses. Therefore, oatsize is the eternal style of the celebrity.

Keira Knightley

Important! However, the actress knows a lot about colors. Her monochrome style is five-plus.


Madonna herself can compete with Knightley. The singer also successfully selects the shades of outfits, but often puts on too many things.

Top tandems of the star are:

  • tracksuit and elegant hat;
  • quilted jacket with lace cuffs;
  • tunic and leather jacket;
  • oversized sports jacket and cap.


Important! In their collections, the Gucci brand often displays layered and flamboyant looks. Bright colors and incongruous styles look bizarre on slender models.

However, even in such bows, Madonna selects everything by color. The sports jumper is chosen to match the hat, and the panama hat is in the color of the scarf. In addition, the pop diva retained her elegance by tucking jeans into her boots.

Confrontation between Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore

Parker has always been considered a style icon. Yet she often allowed herself to appear in unusual ways. According to Sarah, she loves to experiment with styles.

Craving for beauty did not prevent her from wearing:

  • two sweaters for a shapeless jacket;
  • high socks under sandals;
  • rubber boots in a company with sweatpants in the style of “a la 90s”;
  • a strict coat and an oversized jumper, complemented by a knitted hat.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Important! In a bum style, celebrities feel at ease and at ease. Natural fabrics and natural shades have a calming effect on the female psyche.

Drew Barrymore

In this role, the star feels like a completely fulfilled person. Drew Barrymore successfully conducts similar experiments with styles. The actress practices wearing glamorous jeans with rhinestones paired with underwear and a denim shirt. The celebrity’s winter wardrobe is overflowing with oversized jackets with large patch pockets. Knitted sweaters and frayed jeans are the beauty’s favorite things.

The Olsen sisters are true princess bum style

Star sisters prefer to wear voluminous coats of a man’s cut. Fedora’s hat and long scarves aren’t their only accessories. Fashionable glasses and large crocodile leather bags successfully complement the bum style bow.

Olsen sisters

At the same time, celebrities can be seen in:

  • torn trousers;
  • jeans with flared legs;
  • cotton tunics or dresses worn in combination with jeans;
  • flip flops and socks;
  • shapeless cardigans.

Olsen Sisters1

Such images do not prevent the Olsen girl from remaining style icons. They still successfully create fashionable clothing lines. Thousands of fans adore them despite their quirky style.

Helena Bonham Carter – Style Bum Queen

Helena Carter is a true admirer of the boho style. Paparazzi often photograph her exclusive images. With every appearance, the actress shocks the audience. If anyone sets the style of a bum, it’s her.

Helena Bonham Carter

Her collection has everything:

  • elegant hats and spherical headdresses;
  • elite and fur scarves;
  • dresses with ruffles;
  • 60s floral print outfits;
  • leather belts;
  • biker jacket;
  • shapeless boho skirts;
  • sneakers and rough boots;
  • shoes and fashionable ugg boots;
  • asymmetrical coat;
  • dress in retro style.

Helena Bonham Carter2

Important! Helena sets an example of how to wear socks correctly. She has been spotted in luxurious ugg boots with low-cut socks. The celebrity wears shoes like galoshes over black gathered stockings.

Carter always comes up with unique combinations of styles, cuts and colors. She wore a dress in a Vichy check to match the socks and sneakers. She is not embarrassed that such an ensemble does not look under a strict coat. In addition, she puts on a huge number of cotton products and all at once. The actress’s hairstyles should be given credit, which matches her whimsical image. Helena creates all bows only with stylish mitts.

Helena Bonham Carter3

These celebrities show that you need to give your style a day off from time to time. They have proven how easy and comfortable it is to carry your entire wardrobe. However, it is worth remembering that one such publication can cross out the fashionable image of a girl that has been created over the years.

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