Stevie Wonder is a brilliant musician and father of 9 children

Musician genius Stevie Wonder, who was born blind, is very fond of using the word “Blessed.” His mother was “blessed” by him. He himself was “blessed” with his musical gift. He was also “blessed” with help from above and survived a car accident in 1973 and most importantly, the musician was “blessed” with nine children.

“It’s a blessing for me to become Stevie Wonder, and I’m sure God still has plans for me, and I’m ready for that,” the singer said in 2013.

Stevie Wonder

9th child named Nia “Target”

The ninth child of the blind musician was born in December 2014 from his beloved, and now his wife, school teacher Tomika Bracey. At that time, Stevie Wonder was 64 years old. They named their daughter, their second child together, Nia, which means “purpose” in Swahili.

Wonder’s wives and children

The singer was previously married to Sirita Wright (1970-1971) and Karen “Kai” Millard Morris (2001-2012). His first wife Sirita Wright is a singer and songwriter, and for some time they even released several hits with Wonder, and then they parted very calmly and amicably.

Stevie Wonder and Sirita Wright
Stevie Wonder and Sirita Wright

“I am not a normal person – and I have never been. The more I acknowledge and accept this, the better I feel. I am constantly working, and I need to know that I am doing everything right. But I’ve made mistakes too, ”singer Oprah Winfrey admitted in 2004.

They lived with their second wife, fashion designer Karen Morris, for 11 years, and they have two sons, Kayland and Mandla Morris. However, they are not the first children of Stevie Wonder. Little is known about his eldest daughter: her name is Aisha, she is 45 years old, and she often performs with her father. Aisha and Keita’s son (working as a DJ) were born out of wedlock to the musician by his assistant Yolanda Simmons.

Stevie Wonder and Karen Morris
Stevie Wonder and Karen Morris

And Stevie Wonder also has a son, Mumtaz, born in 1983 from Melody McCulley, as well as a daughter, Sophia, and a son, Kuame, although their mother’s name was not announced to the public.

The musician has great respect for the women he loved in life:

“I pay tribute to the mothers of my children. They raised them well. But I’m not one of those dads who just send money. I constantly communicate with them and try to be their friend. “

Wonder with children

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