Stomach hurts during pregnancy – when to sound the alarm?

Stomach hurts during pregnancy - when to sound the alarmStomach pain during pregnancy is not uncommon. Every pregnant woman at least once noticed that the lower abdomen aches a little, or tingles somewhere, pulls, etc. You don’t need to panic right away, just try to figure out the reason for the appearance of such uncomfortable sensations. And we will help you with this.

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Features of abdominal pain during pregnancy

Abdominal pain during pregnancyStomach pain during pregnancy does not always speak of any pathology… Such sensations can be associated with the usual restructuring of the body in connection with the changed circumstances. If the abdominal pain is mild, short-term, not periodic, it is not very scary, but it is still worth informing your obstetrician-gynecologist about them… In any case, it is better to play it safe! Conventionally, abdominal pain is divided into obstetric and non-obstetric.

  • TO obstetric pain Pain that may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy, abruption or abruption of the placenta, training contractions (precursors).
  • Non-obstetric pain associated with improper functioning of the digestive system, stretching of the abdominal muscles and ligaments, surgical pathology and displacement of internal organs.

For whatever reason your stomach begins to hurt during pregnancy, such sensations are a weighty argument. to visit the gynecologist’s office… Perhaps your fears will turn out to be unfounded, but only a doctor can determine whether or not there is a cause for concern.

The main causes of abdominal pain in expectant mothers

Abdominal pain during pregnancy

  • The threat of termination of pregnancy – in such a situation, a woman feels pulling and aching pains in the abdomen and lower back. Bloody spotting may also occur. Most often, this pain does not radiate to other areas of the body. If appropriate measures are not taken in a timely manner, the pain will intensify, will have a cramping character, bleeding will increase, the cervix will become shorter and premature birth or spontaneous abortion will occur. Such a complication can be provoked by stress, physical activity, pathologies of the child’s development or infectious diseases of the mother;
  • Ectopic pregnancy – this is when a fertilized egg begins to develop outside the uterine cavity, in the fallopian tube. Such a pathology can be easily identified during an ultrasound scan, as well as by its characteristic signs: sharp abdominal pain and dizziness. When the egg begins to develop and grow in size, it ruptures the tissues of the fallopian tube. This is what causes severe pain and bleeding. Most often this happens for a period of 5-7 weeks. Such a complication requires urgent surgical intervention;
  • Cause of abdominal pain in a pregnant womanPremature placental abruption – this is when the placenta has separated from the walls of the uterus even before the baby is born. The following factors can contribute to the occurrence of such a complication: severe gestosis, abdominal trauma, short umbilical cord, arterial hypertension and other abnormalities of labor. With placental abruption, a woman feels severe abdominal pain, bleeding may open in the uterine cavity. However, external spotting may not be present. The only way out of this situation is to immediately call an ambulance. To save the life of mother and child, it is necessary to deliver and stop intrauterine bleeding;
  • Sprains of ligaments and muscles – A growing uterus can stretch the muscles that hold it. This process can be accompanied by sharp short-term pains in the lower abdomen, which intensify during sudden movements, lifting weights, coughing. These abdominal pains do not require special treatment. A pregnant woman just needs to rest a little and allow the body to recover a little;
  • Cause of abdominal pain in a pregnant womanDigestive system problems – since hormonal changes occur in the body during pregnancy, a woman may be disturbed by intestinal dysbiosis, bloating or constipation. The reason for this can be both a hearty dinner or an improperly formed diet, as well as an insufficient amount of physical activity. Such pains are pulling or aching in nature, may be accompanied by nausea, belching, heartburn or vomiting. Most often, they appear in the second half of pregnancy. If you have this problem, consult your doctor, he will help you adjust your diet;
  • Surgical pathologies – a pregnant woman is not much different from other people, so she may well develop such surgical diseases as appendicitis, pancreatitis, intestinal necessity, etc. And for their treatment, surgical intervention is necessary.

What to do if your stomach hurts?

Abdominal pain in a pregnant woman - what to doAs can be seen from all of the above, there are quite a few causes of abdominal pain in a pregnant woman. Some of them can threaten the health of the mother and the life of the child.

Therefore, if you experience any pain in the abdomen, be sure to seek medical help. Obstetrician-gynecologist only can pinpoint the cause of the pain, determine how dangerous it is, and prescribe treatment.

If necessary, your doctor will refer you to another specialist for a more accurate diagnosis.

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In no case should you self-medicate, because this can harm not only you, but also the unborn child!

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