Stormzy took a guitar lesson from Paul McCartney

Hip-hop performer Stormzy once learned piano from music legend Paul McCartney. The lead singer of the Beatles paid attention to him when they met at Abbey Road Studios.

The 25-year-old singer assures that he will remember these lessons for the rest of his life.

Stormzy performs

Stormzy plays

– I am stunned in the presence of great people, – admits Stormzy. – And even more so I dare not ask for advice. What can a person like him do for my career? But I know what the stereotypes are about rappers. Therefore, he introduced himself as a composer: “Can you teach me something?” He went to the piano, and I thought: “Well, well! Come on!”. When he showed me something, it was incredible. He said, “Use these three chords to record any song.”

Paul also remembers that meeting. He even talks about her in his interviews.

Paul McCartney in recording

Paul McCartney at the piano

Paul McCartney with guitar2

Paul McCartney at the piano

“Stormzy turned to me for advice,” says 76-year-old McCartney. – He wants to promote his music. He, like a rapper, has no problem with the lyrics, so I showed him the basic chords.

By the way, Paul does not exclude that one day he will record an album of electronic music. He thinks he will be perceived as “like a crazy old professor in a modern laboratory.” But he is not afraid of the possible interpretation of the undertaking. If there is time and inspiration, McCartney will sound in discos.

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