Subscription Puzzle English

Subscription Puzzle English subscription to active listening without interruption 365 days a year. Long-term investment in yourself.

Suitable for those who do not like restrictions and decide for themselves what intensity and training plan to choose. For those who do not want to lose the opportunity to get new videos and all other services of the platform. Who has worked tirelessly all these years and still has not given up hope for understanding the speech of the native. And, if he wants to make investments, then high-quality ones.

After studying for free, you will understand whether you need a subscription or there is enough limited content.

In a detailed overview of the service, you will learn about its content and how it is useful. For tasty – tips, reminders, and most importantly – at the end of the section overview.

What is included in the Subscription?

4 voluminous constantly growing services:

• Tasks: 2,073 video puzzles, 605 grammar lessons, 44 translates, 5,252 audio puzzles, 174 mailings and 17 podcasts.

• Games: Duel of minds, Baggage of words, Translator, Master of phrases.

• Dictionary: Your own vocabulary, 5 parts. We will sort each section on the shelves and find out exactly what we get.

• Tasks

The direct purpose of the service is an intensive simulator for active listening! It includes practicing strong listening skills, vocabulary, grammar, and translation techniques. And all this in the proven format of videos and interactive exercises.

Every project has a zest. Puzzle English is no exception. The main feature is the meticulousness of the developments, the thoughtful choice of relevant, boring material and the honesty of its presentation. The main task of the developers: to give a great opportunity realize the dream of understanding the carrier… This ensures active listening in the beginning and active speaking in the next stage.

So, sections of the service.

Video Puzzles – Active Listening or Speaking Natives

We watch a short unadapted video and practice vocabulary. We do not just play with words, but we pump the skill of using them, load the dictionary effortlessly and with interest. Professional linguists and programmers have worked hard on subtitles. What is their plus?

Interactive: disabled, there is a choice of speed mode, you can enable parallel in Russian and English, you can – separately. And the most interesting thing: you can take any word or phrase into your dictionary! When you hover over a word, the video will pause and show the translation and pronunciation options. Each video has an accent, you can choose the one you need from the catalog.

Subscription Puzzle English

The videos themselves are completely different, from motivational and educational to songs and funny, touching excerpts from films and shows. You can download and watch everything if you have an annual subscription. Free content allows you to watch 25 phrases per day. Below is a list of related videos, it’s handy. You can write your commentary and read what others write. Each video is accompanied by tasks: acquaintance with phrases, practicing vocabulary, puzzles from phrases. Add everything you need to your personal vocabulary on the site, repeat – and they will go into the active vocabulary!

Grammar – fun video tutorials with a detailed analysis of grammar rules

Now there are 605 videos on Puzzle English, but they are updated every week. In this section, you can either go through each lesson, consistently and painstakingly working on the assignments, or simply choose the one that is needed to fill the knowledge gap. The good old principle of parsing every millimeter of all phenomena in grammar works flawlessly: I understood – I did – I won. Puzzles – well, where can we go without them – the principle of work with careful study after each lesson.

Subscription Puzzle English

The teachers are friendly, well, and as you can see from the photo, very nice.

Subscription Puzzle English

Translates – translate interesting expressions

Translates give interesting sensations – you don’t know what to expect. We write our own version of the translation – and the service checks it. It is also stimulating that they are available to other students. It turns out to be a kind of competition. Well, it’s nice to see the green color and a check mark in front of your translation.

Subscription Puzzle English

Audio puzzles – ear training without visual support

There are more than 5000 of them. We often hear speech without seeing the speaker. Audio puzzles will help solve the problem with listening without visual support. The tasks are pretty easy and suitable for beginners. Collecting word puzzles, we practice both auditory perception and the skill of constructing sentences.

Subscription Puzzle English

You can choose the mode of collecting puzzles yourself. You can collect with the mouse, you can type manually. It depends on what you want to train – the speed of reaction and knowledge of vocabulary or the speed and correctness of writing. All options are the same as in video puzzles.

Newsletters – useful explanations from the platform teachers

174 mailings will help you understand the subtleties of use in context. Otherwise – this is the way of thinking of carriers, secrets that not everyone knows about. Flavored with a fair amount of humor, they easily and interestingly talk about the subtle meanings in grammar, vocabulary and etymology. It works like a click in the mind – and suddenly it becomes clear why “they” speak so strangely!

Subscription Puzzle English

“Vitamins” are distributed by the psycholinguist-teacher Yuri Zhdanov, and “Buns” – by the teacher-methodologist Ilya Manyshin. The number of distributions without a subscription is limited to one.

Podcasts – live dialogues with the carrier

Dialogue is one of the psychologically difficult parts of English. When there is support and confidence, it is much easier to hear the interlocutor and speak yourself. This section contains 17 podcasts with explanations. Dialogues are friendly, relevant, not cut off from life. And what is important, they are pleasant. Questions in Russian, answers in English. You feel confident if the native does not seem like some distant cold person.

Subscription Puzzle English

Subscription Puzzle English

All podcasts were recorded by the Puzzle English teachers themselves, talking with native English speakers. For example, with the Irishman Hugh McZnani, who is loved by the students of the school, judging by the reviews. Listening to another native, Ben, it seems that you have known him for a long time. Becomes calm and even pulls into conversation.

They talk about cultural peculiarities and nuances of the language environment, which are not available in schools. It’s a pity. This is the most important moment in learning English. There are no assignments or exercises in the podcasts. You can also download them in MP3 format.

Tip: repeat EVERY WORD, PHRASE, and Sentence if you want to SPEAK. Remember how long it took you to speak Russian fluently and fluently. And you say! What did you do? We repeated everything we heard over and over again, inserting it where needed and where not. Be direct and free.

Reminder: a habit is formed in 21 days, and words are memorized quickly and forever, if you use the algorithm according to the Ebbinghaus scale.

Important: Why do we know and know a lot of things, but we cannot watch films or understand what they are singing in our favorite song? Because we train on adapted, simplified audio texts. But living speakers speak, as we do in ordinary life: quickly and illegibly. An unadapted video or communication with a native is your guarantee of self-confidence, and the main trump card for quickly mastering the English language.

• Games

Play is a way to unload your tired brain and allow yourself to relax. There are 6 parts in this section. Each has its own clear task.

Danetka – check the knowledge of the meanings of words, time – 60 seconds.

Subscription Puzzle English

A duel of minds will give you the opportunity to compete with others in translation and increase both your internal rating and service rating. A new variant has appeared, where chance chooses the opponent.

Subscription Puzzle English

Luggage of words – check the knowledge of vocabulary by ear and writing. You can choose accents and voices, there are 14 of them.

Subscription Puzzle English

Phrase Master – trains the skill of listening. Listen to the video phrase and type the words. Two modes: training and the game itself. The game has levels. Slow mode – for beginners, it will help to hear an incomprehensible moment. Attention: the game is for a while!

Subscription Puzzle English

Translator of the day – an additional interesting thing on the service. Suggestions for translation are given – you write the answer in Russian, and you immediately know the result. Funny pictures – as a bonus.

Subscription Puzzle English

Tests. A very important part. I recommend going through them right at the very beginning. When you see your level in each type of speech activity, it gives a real incentive to increase it!

Advice: the game is for that and the game is to change the conditions. Coming up with your own is the ideal task for every advanced student of the platform.

Reminder: a habit is formed in 21 days, and words are memorized quickly and forever, if you use the algorithm according to the Ebbinghaus scale.

Important: flirt. Truth. Only when you forget about the task itself, you get an unexpected and surprising result.

• Dictionary

Extremely convenient and pleasant section of your personal account. The gradually growing amount of learned vocabulary warms the soul and proves your movement in numbers! Train when, where and how much you want with an annual subscription, and you will see an unrealistic leap. You can check yourself on the number of words and the level of knowledge at any moment.

Subscription Puzzle English

Advice: everyone has their own vocabulary. For example, a manager and a design student have different interests. If you focus on the vocabulary that you use in reality, you will get stunning results.

Reminder: a habit is formed in 21 days, and words are memorized quickly and forever, if you use the algorithm according to the Ebbinghaus scale.

Important: love and respect yourself and others. Words are a reflection of ethnic thinking, be extremely correct and reach new heights!


The purpose of the Subscription is to provide unlimited use of high-quality Puzzle English content at the disposal of any user, be it a growing businessman or a girl who is about to get married.

For those who want not just to learn words and do exercises, but really understand! Also, for those who lack discipline, tuition fees become a guarantor of daily practice and the growth of listening skills. The intensity and activity of listening is the guarantor of acquiring the skill.

What is the difference between a Subscriber and a regular plan? The only difference is unlimited freedom of action and the advancement of the skill the way you want, not the system. Plus the number of gifts, plus unlimited downloads of content. Plus the opportunity for the child to play flash games, if this is already a passed stage for you. The service does not allow passing more tasks than we would like, as an ordinary user.

In any case, you are the master of your decisions, and it depends only on you how high-quality they will be. Listen to your heart.

Hearing is a skill worth learning!

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