Szondi’s test – which face makes you afraid?

Leopold Szondi is a Hungarian psychologist who went down in the history of science as the founder of fate analysis (the concept of depth psychology). In the 1930s, he observed people with mental disabilities to understand what makes them interact with their own kind. After collecting the results, he developed a portrait testing technique.

Today we offer you to take this unique test by the psychologist Szondi. You will learn a lot about yourself!

Instructions! You need to look at 8 different faces and name the ONE that scares the most. If you are afraid of any of these faces, choose the one that you like less.

Szondi's test - which face makes you shit
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Szondi's test - which face makes you afraid?

Face # 1

You are probably familiar with authoritarianism firsthand. Your parents raised you to be strict, so you lacked love. You may have even been physically punished. This has greatly influenced your personality.

You are trying to please all the people around you. Be afraid of criticism and censure. Never defend your opinion, because you are subconsciously afraid of repeating negative emotions from childhood. By nature, you are a peaceful and modest person, but not because you are by nature, but because of the traumas experienced in childhood.

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Face # 2

You were incredibly energetic as a child. Perhaps your parents are worn out with you. However, right now you cannot be called a bully or a rip-off. You are a calm and peaceful person, kind-hearted by nature.

Self-discipline, control of emotions are your main strengths. You do not want to give the people around you trouble, so strive to meet their expectations. You have no problem with self-esteem. Make new acquaintances easily.

Face # 3

You are a conservative. Newness scares and repels you. Do not like to change plans, preferring to go with the flow. You are a reserved person on emotions who does not open your heart to everyone you meet. Surround yourself with a small number of like-minded people with whom you are comfortable.

Most people don’t like you. And many are even frankly frightening. Therefore, it is difficult for you to make new acquaintances. Always plan ahead.

Face # 4

You are an extrovert. You love communication, so you often spend time in large companies. Emotions are not restrained. Be honest even with unfamiliar people. This is your peculiarity. Some friends think you are too chatty.

However, despite your love of communication, you find it difficult to build strong and deep relationships with those around you. Subconsciously, you don’t trust them. Perhaps someone close to you once hurt you, hence the unconscious avoidance of deep attachment.

Face # 5

You are a modest and shy person who finds it very difficult to be liberated. You have a deep inner world, with which you introduce only the “chosen” people. They value your trust and goodwill. Winning you is not easy. Everyone knows this. Those who could, will remain your loved ones until the end. You think that an old friend is better than two new ones. Build strong bonds with those you love. They are not capable of betrayal, and if you have offended someone, you suffer greatly and for a long time.

You may have unusual hobbies. You often note your dissimilarity with people.

Face # 6

You are the soul of any company. Friends of the soul do not like in you. Communicating with you is a privilege for the majority. This is due to your positive character traits, namely, optimism, friendliness and sociability. You will never refuse to help a loved one. Such individuals are predisposed to work with people. For example, you would be an excellent psychotherapist.

Face # 7

You are a reasonable and calm person who is difficult to piss off. You have good control over emotions, so it is almost impossible to manipulate you. Do not like noisy companies, you prefer to spend most of your time alone with yourself. You are an introvert, so loneliness does not scare you. Put your mind first, and your emotions and feelings second.

You always care about the people around you, but you demand the same from them.

Face # 8

You are very concerned about the opinions of the people around you. Subconsciously or consciously, strive to please everyone, without exception. Very pliable and easy-going person. Criticism hurts you. Most likely, you have low self-esteem, because someone from the people around you “took care” of this. It is possible that as a child, your parents instilled in you the idea that you were not worthy of success. Therefore, failure greatly upsets you. You do not know how to adequately respond to stressful situations.

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