Taylor Swift – how the star’s style changed

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous singers in the world, a darling of the youth and a modern pop princess. By the age of thirty, she had achieved incredible success: she managed to release seven studio albums, won 310 various awards, twice became the highest paid star according to Forbes magazine, and also tried herself as a movie actress. Throughout the time that Taylor has been on stage, her style has undergone major changes. We offer you to remember how the appearance of the young star changed.

Taylor Swift

2004-2009: Taylor Swift and Fearless

Throughout Taylor Swift’s musical career, her style has been invariably associated with the singer’s work and to some extent reflected the content of her albums.

Taylor began her career as a country singer, and in those years her appearance was completely consistent with this musical direction: the rising star wore plaid shirts and jeans, light dresses and blouses with embroidery, wide belts. Even on the red carpet and on stage, Taylor appeared in cowboy boots and pinafore dresses. The image was complemented by a shock of luxurious curly hair.

Taylor Swift1

“I can tell from my own photograph with an accuracy of up to a year when it was taken. My style is just like my songs: it allows me to define where I was, what I felt, and what stage it was in my life. “

In 2008-2009, Taylor began to increasingly choose feminine dresses with corset top instead of shoulder straps. The hooligan image was gradually giving way to romanticism, but it was too early to talk about its own formed style.

Taylor Swift2

2010: “Speak Now”

In 2010, Taylor’s third music album “Speak Now” was released, and at the same time she decided on the first experiments with the image – she straightens her curls and trims her bangs. Instead of the former perky girl from a nearby ranch, a stylish Hollywood diva appears in luxurious floor-length dresses or daring minis. Elegant styling and discreet make-up complete the look.

Taylor Swift3

The stage image of Taylor becomes more feminine, although it retains some of the old country elements.

2012: “Red”

In 2012, Taylor’s image changed dramatically: red took the lead in her wardrobe, and romantic became her favorite style of clothing. And this is no coincidence: at the same time, the singer’s new album, entitled “Red”, was released, dedicated to love and a broken girl’s heart.

Taylor Swift4

“The various emotions this album is written about mainly characterize the tumultuous, insane, crazy, tense, semi-toxic relationships I’ve experienced over the past two years.”

The singer’s style is fully consistent with her work of that period: it combines romanticism and retro. In everyday life, Taylor prefers the image of a romantic young lady and a typical “good girl” from the 50s: fitted dresses, airy skirts, floral prints and polka dots, cropped trousers and ballet flats. Pearl jewelry, as well as retro-style headbands and headbands become favorite accessories.

Taylor Swift5

On the red carpet, Taylor also prefers feminine, romantic dresses, avoiding any provocation and frankness.

Taylor Swift’s stage image during the “Red” era included high-waisted shorts showing the singer’s slender legs, blouses, and a small black hat.

Taylor swift

It was during this period that Taylor Swift’s style takes on specific features and becomes recognizable: her trademark “fox” look, straight bangs to eyebrows and invariably red lipstick appear on her lips.

2014: “1989”

In 2014, Taylor’s style changes again: she noticeably matures and leaves the image of a romantic girl, turning into a strong and independent woman. The favorite thing in the singer’s wardrobe are crop tops that show off the toned figure of a star, and her favorite length is mini, focusing on Swift’s long legs.

Taylor swift1

The singer’s hairstyle also changes: she gets rid of long hair and straight bangs, and tries various options for a square.

On stage, Taylor Swift also appears in a new image: now she is no longer a girl from the 50s, but a disco diva in provocative mini, short tops, and sparkling jackets embroidered with rhinestones.

Taylor swift2

2017: “Reputation”

2017 was marked by a real riot of Taylor Swift. The singer releases an album called “Reputation”, in which she denounces and ridicules her haters.

“Sorry, but the old Taylor can’t answer the phone right now. Why? Because she died! “ – these words sound in one of Taylor’s songs and perfectly characterize what the audience saw on stage and in the videos: the old gentle, charming Swift seemed to be replaced. Instead, a daring, aggressively sexy performer in black bodysuits, fishnet tights and high boots appeared.

Taylor swift3

Taylor’s street style has not remained the same: the singer abandoned her usual feminine looks, preferring oversized oversized clothes, shorts and rough shoes.

Taylor swift4

It should be noted that Taylor’s appearance during that period also changed: the singer significantly recovered and changed her hair again.

2019: “Lover”

After the 2017 fashion riot, few hoped to see the old Taylor, but in 2019 the arrow turned 180 degrees again. With the release of the album “Lover”, the singer returned to her usual romantic-feminine image, but made some adjustments.

Taylor swift5

The period “Lover” is characterized by the singer’s love for dresses and costumes in soft, pastel colors: pink, lilac, blue. At the same time, bright and extraordinary images coexist with them, in the form of colorful suits from Versace and “rainbow” images. The answer to this diversity is in the title of the album, which is dedicated to love and encourages one to calmly treat all its manifestations, including non-traditional ones.

Taylor’s stage images are also either subtle or rainbow-colored, perfectly reflecting the content of the album. It is easy to see that pink has become the favorite of the singer in all its shades: from hot pink to pastel.

Taylor swift6

Taylor Swift is not one of those stars who blindly follow all trends, trying them on. Her style is a reflection of the singer herself and her musical creativity. Having come a long way from a curly girl to a stylish mega-star, she proved that the image should be formed from her own preferences, and not momentary trends.

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