Test – Choose a dream catcher and receive a message from the Universe

Did you know that the Universe can communicate with us through the images hidden in our unconscious? Psychologists say this is true. But, each person has the right to decide for himself what the Universe and the Higher powers are. There is a theory according to which all this is human potential. In any case, we can receive messages from ourselves, since all the answers are hidden in our subconscious.

Are you ready to take this interesting psychological test and receive a spiritual message from the Universe? Then pick one dream catcher and see the result. He will surprise you.

Important! The choice must be made intuitively.

dream catcher test
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TEST: Choose a dream catcher and receive a spiritual message from the Universe

Dreamcatcher # 1

Higher powers are trying to tell you about the need for mental rest. You read that right. Your mind needs rest, not your body. Thinking too much, and from this you worry and fall into stress.

Disturbing thoughts have long defined your personality. You have let fear take over your mind. Therefore, you are often troubled by nightmares, insomnia, and emotional tremors. You are very nervous. How to be?

Blocking negative emotions is not an option. They need to be lived through, otherwise you may get sick. Try to temporarily switch to what you enjoy. Perhaps the best way out for you right now is selfishness. Stop worrying about the problems of others, because you have a life of your own. Take care of it.

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Dreamcatcher # 2

The Universe says that you are too dependent on the opinions of the people around you. You care what they think of you, how they look, appreciate, etc. How can you live happily with such a frame of mind? No, definitely.

You have to change the projection of self-perception. Perceive yourself through the prism of personal characteristics. Think about what you love yourself for. Are you doing a great job or are you a very loyal person? Surely you have a lot of advantages! Boosting your self-esteem is the first stage of life change you must step into. It’s time to change your life, and you need to start with yourself!

Dreamcatcher # 3

Higher powers bless you for happiness! You deserve it. However, in order to fully experience yourself as a happy person, you need to free yourself from the negative energy that defines your personality.

Analyze your life path. Think about what kind of people cause you anger, pity, contempt. Try to forbid yourself to treat some people with prejudice, with vanity, because this is how you limit your happiness. The universe favors strong but kind-hearted individuals.

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