choose a chinese coin and get a prediction

Chinese coins are most often used in feng shui to attract the luck and energy of money. Agree, when a person achieves financial stability, he also feels more protected and, of course, more successful!

Do you want to find out with the help of these coins what awaits you in the near future? Choose the one that you like best and get your personal prediction.

Feng Shui test: choose one Chinese coin and get a prediction for the near future
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Feng Shui test: choose one Chinese coin and get a prediction for the near future

Coin 1

This coin tells you to take a deep breath in and out. If you clearly know your goals, desires and aspirations; if you have good intentions and do your best to make your dreams come true, then you can give yourself permission to relax and get some rest. You now need a peaceful, calm and serene state, as if you are smoothly swinging on the waves of the sea. When you can let go of the reins, this state will take you to the next stage of your path.

Your future is now in the hands of fate. Give in to the stream of life. Give up the need to control everything. Everything is going right now. The future will definitely bring what you need, not what you want. Control is an illusion. Be flexible, pliable, and soft.

Coin 2

Your personality is on the path of spiritual growth. From time to time you may feel pressure from all sorts of life situations, conditions and circumstances, but at a higher level, these problems help you realize your true strength, which you need for further achievements.

Do not dwell only on the physical and material, and do not cling to the past. You need to develop spirit, vitality and the ability to experience feelings and emotions in full force. Believe in yourself and learn to protect yourself and your values.

Coin 3

Each of us perceives the word “abundance” in different ways. Some people have material wealth, but they do not see the meaning in life, do not understand where they are going, and therefore they feel lost and lost. Other people are considered poor financially, but they radiate love, goodness and light.

If you choose this coin, it reminds you that the ultimate goal is not to make money, but to understand what real happiness is and find it. What makes you glow with joy? What kind of work gives you complete satisfaction? Listen to your inner voice and find your calling in order to understand your true value in this world.

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