Test Conversation with the subconscious – what’s going on in your head

The subconscious is a complex psychological term, which is understood as the course of all mental processes of a person without direct reflection in consciousness. This is a kind of black box that stores phobias, fears, true desires and motives.

To communicate with the subconscious means to understand and know yourself. Today you can do it with our test. Ready? Then let’s not waste time and get started!

TEST Conversation with the subconscious
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Test instructions:

  1. Relax and focus on yourself. Take a few deep breaths in and out.
  2. Honestly, without thinking, answer each of the 10 questions sequentially. You can write down your answers on paper to make it easier to interpret the results.
  3. Check out the answers.

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Test questions

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  1. You are in the forest. There is a familiar person next to you. Who is this?
  2. A beast has appeared on your way. Describe it.
  3. You and the beast looked at each other. How did you feel? Describe your reaction.
  4. Walking through the woods, you come across a clearing with a house. What is this house like? Big small? Do you feel like going inside?
  5. Is there a fence around the house?
  6. You go inside and find yourself in the dining room. Describe this room. Is there a table there? How light is it?
  7. You go out to the backyard and see a cup on the ground. What material is it made of? How strong is it?
  8. What will you do now? Will you raise your cup?
  9. Then you come across a pond. Describe it.
  10. To cross to the other side, you must cross the body of water. How do you proceed?


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Test Answers

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  1. The person who is with you in the forest is the most important person in your life at the moment. Even if you do not consider him close, your unconscious “reads” him the most important.
  2. The size and characteristics of the beast that got in your way symbolizes current problems. The larger the animal, the stronger the emotional burden that you carry on yourself. A peaceful creature of large size indicates significant problems in your life, which nevertheless do not affect its quality. And if it is aggressive and small, you attach too much importance to your failures, exaggerating their importance.
  3. The way you act when looking into the eyes of the beast explains your willingness to solve problems. If you attacked, then you are ready to act, realizing that success depends only on you. If you ignored it, you are clearly not ready to solve your problems now.
  4. The size of the house in the clearing is directly proportional to the size of your personal ambitions.
  5. The fence around the house is a symbol of your psychological security. If it is tall and massive, then you do not allow anyone to violate your personal boundaries, and if it is small (or there is no fence at all), you are an open and freedom-loving person.
  6. The brighter and more spacious the room in the dining room, the more joyful you feel. If it is dark, and there is no food or utensils on the table, you are deeply unhappy in your soul.
  7. The strength of a backyard cup is the strength of your family ties. If it’s plastic or rusty, chances are your relationship with your family is far from ideal.
  8. What you do with the cup symbolizes your attitude towards the person from the first question. To raise a cup means to have the resources to communicate with him, to pass by it – no.
  9. The size of the reservoir is proportional to the degree of your sexual desire. The more water you see, the more space is occupied by intimacy in your life.
  10. The more you get wet, making your way to the other side, the more important intimacy is for you. If you get to the other shore, remaining dry, then sex is absolutely not important to you.

The answers to this test reflect your TRUE psycho-emotional state at the moment. If you go through it again after some time, the result may be different. This is fine.

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