The best diapers for newborn babies

The best diapers for newbornsNowadays, it’s perhaps rare to find a family that doesn’t use disposable diapers for a newborn baby. Pampers make life easier for parents, save time on washing and provide a comfortable sleep for both children and mothers. And given our climate, it is especially important that the baby stays dry even during long walks and long trips. What kind of disposable diapers do modern parents choose for their babies? How to choose diapers for a boy?

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Pampers diapers – the first and best diapers for babies from birth

The best diapers for newbornsThe undisputed leader, which has long won the trust of consumers, is, of course, Pampers, the world’s first diapers from by Procter & Gamble… Pampers diapers are manufactured today based on the characteristics and needs of each stage of a baby’s development. For example, a special line Pampers New Baby for newborns, Pampers Active Baby – for more active babies from three months, Pampers Let’s Go panties for “adult” babies, “economy” Pampers Sleep & Play diapers, etc.
Features of Pampers diapers:

  • All the features of children of a certain stage of development are taken into account in diapers.
  • Selected Pampers diapers suitable for premature babieswho require special protection for their delicate skin.
  • Pampers diapers do not restrict your baby’s movements.
  • Thanks to a special inner layer, the baby’s skin is not subject to friction.
  • Baby’s skin completely protected from the greenhouse effectthanks to the breathable structure of the diaper.
  • There is double protection against leaks – reinforced cuffs and wide elastic sidewalls.
  • Reusable clasps make it easier to use.
  • Both kids and moms love this fun design.
  • Certain models have impregnation with balsamthat provides baby skin care.

Breathable and soft Huggies diapers for babies of all ages

The best diapers for newborns - HaggisHaggis manufacturers, although they did not become pioneers in this area, still made the dreams of many mothers come true, improving diapers and making it easier for parents to use this item. Thanks to the company’s specialists, they saw the light Velcro fasteners, panty diapers and outer cotton layer
Features of Huggies diapers

  • Incredibly soft, gentle and breathable newborn models using by Babysoft
  • Even distribution of liquid in the inner layer of the diaper.
  • Retaining the properties of fasteners even when using powders and lotions.
  • Exceptional dryness due to a combination of materials and an absorbent system that turns all liquid into a gel.
  • Disappearing pattern diaper panties for those crumbs who are already learning to go to the potty.

Merries diapers with full indicator

The best diapers for newborns - MerrisWhatever one may say, but the Japanese diaper manufacturers have overtaken everyone, although they entered the world market much later than others. Japanese quality turned out to be higher than Western brands. The cost of Japanese diapers is several times higher, but they are appreciated all over the world.
Features of Merries diapers

  • Fullness indicator – a distinctive feature and advantage over other diapers.
  • Perfect fixation on the child’s body (do not slip, do not get lost).
  • Micropores on the inner layerproviding air access to the skin.
  • Separation by “gender”: reinforced lower zone (for girls) and reinforced front (for boys).
  • Witch hazel extract as part of a diaper (antibacterial, antiseptic properties).
  • Elasticity of the wide lycra elastic band (no discomfort and strong pressure).

Moony diapers with silent Velcro and full indicator

The best diapers for newborns - MooneyMoony Japanese diapers are recognized by many parents as the best. Thanks to the new Air Silky material, the diapers have become more gentle to the baby’s skin, do not cause irritation, and have high absorption properties.
Features of Moony diapers

  • Soft cotton lining to prevent skin irritation.
  • Innovative ventilation system (constant air exchange).
  • Reusable Velcro.
  • Retains shape, absorbency and elasticity.
  • The presence of superabsorbents of the inner layer, providing excellent absorption and transformation of liquid into gel.
  • Availability bulky folds on several sides, guaranteeing the absorbency of even children’s liquid stools.
  • Soft cotton mesh on the thickened part of the diaper on the back side, thanks to which the baby’s back sweating, prickly heat and allergic rashes are eliminated.
  • Moony Newborn diapers created taking into account the characteristics of a newborn baby. The diaper area adjacent to the navel has the shape of a semicircle to eliminate friction against the baby’s unhealed navel.
  • Silent wrap-around tape with rounded edges, allowing the baby to change the diaper even during his sleep.
  • Fullness indicator.

GooN diapers with the function of wicking moisture away from baby’s skin

The best diapers for newborns - GongThe main requirement of the Japanese when creating diapers is maximum dryness and comfort. GooN products are distinguished by functional features that have made diapers so popular all over the world.
Features of GooN diapers

  • Natural materials with absorbent layer, which is a mixture of a gelling agent with cellulose.
  • Spreading layer (material does not clump, liquid is evenly distributed).
  • Fullness indicator.
  • Free air circulation and removal of wet vapors from baby skin, thanks to the porous breathable material.
  • Elastic buckles and waistband.
  • Vitamin E as part of the inner layer.

Which diapers for your baby do you choose? Reviews of mothers about diapers for newborns

– We only use Pampers. The first pack was given back in the hospital, now we only take them. They also have a comfortable mesh. For newborns – the very thing (loose stools are well absorbed). Newbourne is the best. True, they stayed later. I had to give it back)).

– We like Haggis better. Pampers are also good, but Haggis will be softer. More gentle. Moreover, I immediately had to take 3-6 kg, because the son was born big.)) Haggis is a thing! After them, I don’t want to take other diapers at all. The quality is good, and the price, in comparison with others, is very democratic.

– Neither Haggis nor Fixis came up to us … Dad brought Pampers – I was delighted. Lasts for a long time, the priest does not shrink, it absorbs perfectly. The child began to sleep normally. And our Haggis were unstuck, not to mention the fact that this gel fell directly into the causal place of the child! Uneven distribution of moisture, the quality was not pleasant. And Pampers are good from all sides. And smooth, nice to hold in your hands.

– We used the Libero. Normal diapers. Although, I believe that all these diapers are only as a last resort. Better not to teach them.

– There were so many positive reviews about Pampers that I bought them for my son after birth. Well what can I say … Complete nonsense. Didn’t like it at all. We used a couple of days – all sorts of diaper rash, redness went … In general, she waved her hand (not to save on the health of the child) and took Merries. Expensive, but Japanese quality. We “slept” on them for about a week. Then they were also disappointed (leaking). Bought Taiwanese Sealer. This is really super. Breathe, absorb, do not leak, soft.)) I recommend.

– We bought only Blueberry. The very good ones. Nothing flowed, no diaper rash. Then they took panties of the same brand – they quickly got used to the potty.

– Only Japanese! Merries or Mooney. The most optimal in terms of quality. Pumpers and Haggis cannot be compared to them. The price, of course, is not cheap, but worth it. The child is calm, sleeps well. I also.))

– And we bought Goon. I believe that it simply cannot be better. No complaints, no problems at all with them. Soft, gentle, butt breathes. We don’t buy creams and powders at all. Minus one – cost.))

– Haggis is horror. Texture – as if made of cardboard. Absorb badly. My son’s bottom is constantly wet. And if it comes off in a big way, then in general the pipe – everything creeps out through the belt. I only take Pampers now. A very worthy product. Molfix is ​​also quite good. For the price – lower, but the quality is good.

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