The best maternity and nursing clothing stores

The best clothing stores for pregnant and lactating mothers - TOP-9 on COLADYThe best stores for pregnant women are searched for, most often, according to reviews – but at such a busy time, the expectant mother has no time to flip through tons of pages. Regardless of whether she believes in signs of purchasing goods in advance or not, she will have to update her wardrobe and acquire the addresses of a couple of stores in advance.

A summary of the most popular stores for pregnant and lactating mothers and customer reviews can be found in our article.

The best clothing stores for pregnant and lactating mothers - TOP-9 on COLADY


Outlet network with discount options… The latter is justified – prices, at times, bite, “Kangaroo” relies on wealthy customers.

The store has a wide range of products for mothers, future and present, many brands are presented exclusively. The materials used in clothing are different, there are both cotton and elastane with viscose, and more exotic ones – fur, for example.

9 best stores for pregnant and lactating mothers - COLADY rating

They publish their own magazine with an overview of fashion trends, useful tips. They give out accumulative cards, gift cards are also available. There is an online order service.

They are present not only in Moscow, but also in Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg and several other cities, as well as in Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Kangaroo Shop Kangaroo ShopKangaroo Shop


Natusik: “I was passing by, I decided to take premium brand clothes, having placed an order at 10 am on Monday. For confirmation, they called back only in the evening of the next day, and delivery is completely possible only in a week! “

Ursula: “A very pleasant shop, mirrors, wide aisles, a crowd of consultants. At the same time, there is no imposition, the things I liked, they were branded. “


Located in Moscow and the region, delivery is available through pick-up points in the specified region. In Russia, there is also delivery, but – starting from a certain amount, and by mail (courier company).

They sell Russian-made clothes, as well as cosmetics and accessories for expectant mothers, the price category is average.

Mom market

Clothes made of hypoallergenic materials, mainly with a natural composition, but mixed fabrics are also found.

The prices indicated on the site may differ from those that will be indicated in the regions. There are gift certificates.

Mom market Mom market Mom market


Jeanne: “I bought a nice blouse at a sale for less than it would have cost in a regular store. A large selection that I liked, first I looked on the site, then I came to the store with the articles, and they immediately brought it. The service is fast. “

Toffee: “A good choice for those who go to the office during pregnancy, clothes of the same kind are sold here. Dark jeans, trousers, closed blouses are very accessible, consultants show and explain everything ”.

“Sweet mama”

The company with a 20-year history sells underwear and clothing of its own production, as well as related (for newborn care and accessories for pregnant women) goods.

Sweet mama

They work closely with stars such as Eva Polna. The collection is completely changed every four years.

More than a hundred stores of the chain are available in Russia, as well as delivery. They position themselves as a mid-price store.

The composition of things is varied, mainly natural material with an admixture of viscose.

Sweet mama Sweet mama Sweet mama


Julia: “I was in Maryino, the assortment corresponds to that stated on the site. The store is spacious, free, with sofas and magazines for men, but the prices, of course, are higher than for ordinary clothes for girls out of position. I didn’t find ordinary jeans, I bought a pair of blouses ”.

Zamira: “I took a turtleneck-header, sat down in a stick, but the price was pleasant for my own brand. Everything else also fits, the skirts fit well, the top needs to be measured, maybe you press a little. Delivery arrived on time, no complaints. “


The assortment includes sets for mothers and newborns, accessories (including bags for the hospital, albums, stickers and pillows), clothes and underwear.


The composition varies, mainly – blended fabrics, foreign and domestic manufacturers.

Available for offline visits in 12 cities of Russia (including Surgut and Tyumen), online – throughout the territory.

They have an additional private photo studio service (shooting babies and mothers) in Moscow (with a visit to the house), a certificate for which you can buy right there, in the store. There are also classic gift cards.

9 best stores for pregnant and lactating mothers - COLADY rating Scoromam Scoromam


Natasha: “Bad choice, I couldn’t find anything for myself, the prices are high. Things are rather uninteresting, there are few brands. As a result, I went to a nearby store and bought some goods there. “

Sun: “I went to the store, left as a whole, satisfied, gave me an oil spray, it would be better to have something more necessary, but oh well. I bought things anyway for three or four months socks, for this money it is quite sane quality. “


Exclusive boutique with goods for babies and pregnant women, high price segment. In addition to their own line, there are things from other companies, for example, “Blossom Mother and Child”, “Seraphine” (exclusive for the Russian Federation).


On sale, in addition to clothing and children’s goods, shoes for women “in position” and organizer folders, other important little things.

Boutiques are located in both capitals – including the northern one. The Moscow region has its own delivery offers. For the rest – delivery with an independent choice of a transport company and method.

The composition of the fabrics is mixed. There are both cotton items and completely polyester, or with an admixture of natural fabrics.

Promotions, as well as gift cards in stock.

BornsoonBornsoon Bornsoon


Yolka: “Impractical and expensive, white and light robes, the cost starts at 7,000 rubles for a more or less decent thing. You can still profit at the sale, bought a swimsuit and jeans. “

SaraUndMittel: “Original things, I really liked the bright floor-length dress, I quickly picked up the size at a discount and bought it. The mood is overshadowed by the fact that most of the things, despite the prices, are made of viscose, in the heat you can not vilify ”.


An online and offline store, originally from the UK, sells items for children (up to 10 years old). They are represented in more than 20 cities of the Russian Federation. The brand’s best maternity and new-born stores also include a mom and baby room where you can feed your baby.


They offer things of both third-party manufacturers and their own brands; they have been functioning in the Russian market for about a quarter of a century. Most of the assortment is made of natural fabrics, sometimes synthetics are also found. Sell ​​their own line of cosmetics.

Average price category, there are almost always discounts and promotions.



Lady_with_child: “Most of the things in the store of their brand are in size, but you need to re-measure, they can be small. It is most profitable to buy on promotional sales, tracking that discounts are summed up, there is free shipping. I always take slips from them, the only company whose buttons do not come off. “

Larisa: “In order to change the composition of the order, you must first disband the old one, and then make a new one, and the money will be returned to the card. You cannot change the shopping cart right away. They promised within 10 days, instead delayed the return for two weeks, but in the end everything ended well, I’m happy with the order. “

Misa: “Total sales, as elsewhere, after the New Year. It happens on New Year’s Eve, then it makes sense to buy, without discounts things are expensive, especially considering that some are sewn in China. It makes sense to take equipment outside this store, because Avent and other companies are sold everywhere, but they are cheaper. “

“I will be a Mom”

Unlike many other stores, among the bedding accessories they offer not only pillows, but also bed linen for mothers and babies.

I will be a mom

Available in more than 30 cities of the Russian Federation, for delivery to the regions there are preferential conditions when ordering for a certain amount.

Positioned as a store with affordable items. There is also a bonus system with the exchange of accumulated bonuses for little things for expectant mothers.

The assortment mainly includes things made of artificial (viscose, elastane) materials (with the exception of bed accessories – cotton and coarse calico).

I will be a momI will be a momI will be a mom


Elvira: “According to the point system, in exchange for accumulated points, I received a bag at the maternity hospital, but I bought a lot of everything, from diapers to clothes. Sellers often insist on buying items that are not at all necessary for pregnant women, for example, special panties or expensive cosmetics, but overall, the impression of the store is positive. “

Agata_mama: “Office clothes are ugly, I wouldn’t wear that, but I regularly buy jeans there. They are cheap and durable, they sit comfortably on the stomach, the prices make me happy. A lot of linen for every taste and wallet can be found in custom sizes. I also buy bandages only here. “

Kseniya: “You need to carefully monitor the quality, things are sometimes torn – I took a jacket, and it has a rip. The consultants are always very kind, I think it was an accident: they helped me choose a lot of things and were patient, although I tried on clothes for almost three hours. “

“I Love Mum”

A store selling the brand of the same name, as well as the Newform and Mamaline brands, with a loyalty program and special conditions for delivery.

I love mum

They have several stores in the capital, and a couple in St. Petersburg. The assortment includes shorts, blouses, long sleeves – both for everyday wear and for the office, materials – linen, cotton.

Regardless of natural fabrics, the store strives to maintain a loyal pricing policy, focusing on the middle class.

I love mum I love mumI love mum


Fru-frou: “Inexpensive and relatively high quality, I really like their own jackets, they sit comfortably. Two hoodies cost 700 instead of 1300 each, there are often such sales, but you have to watch. “

Jurmala: “I prefer to buy their brand in other stores, if you guess at the wildberry, you can save more extra money than in the store. It is very good to buy clothes for future use for feeding, models that are comfortable for large breasts are available. “


One retail store in Moscow, several more in various cities (Kursk, Lipetsk, Vladimir, Yekaterinburg, Tula, Ryazan, etc.). There is a possibility of delivery to the territory of other regions of the country by Russian Post.


Declared as the production of their own line without the use of harmful chemical fragrances, sew things in Yaroslavl and Kostroma. There is also a line for plus size women.

Gift cards for products are also sold. Focused on the middle class, which prefers natural production.

Mamabel Mamabel Mamabel


Elizabeth: “Large selection of natural fabrics: skirts, slings, trousers, dresses. The seams are of good quality, I like the brand. Of the shortcomings – consultants sometimes come across only carried away by social networks, I personally have not been advised anything necessary a couple of times. “

Sabina_80: “The assortment seemed scarce to me, the stores did not seem cheap. In Voronezh, the average price of jeans for pregnant women was about 2,500 rubles. For this money, you can dress from head to toe in the market or in a simpler store. Especially expensive linen, I took it only for a special offer. “

When choosing a place for shopping, it is worth considering all factors, including the remoteness of the place of work or home, because the use of discounts or the return of things may require a second visit.

Remember that many stores offer discounts on promotions on the site, and the size scale can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer: things such as bandages and stockings are purchased only on the recommendation of a doctor, and jeans with a high elastic band are always recommended to be measured, therefore that even the same model can look and sit on two similar girls differently, depending on their belly.

Good luck and easy delivery!

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