The difficult fate of the actress Galina Polskikh

Galina Aleksandrovna Polskikh is one of the most demanded actresses of the Soviet Union, People’s Artist of the RSFSR and just a wonderful woman. But before reaching career heights, she had to go through hardships.

Galina Polskikh

She became an orphan at 8 years old, and at 21 – a mother.

Galina was born on November 27, 1939 in Moscow – just before the war, which took her parents away from her. In November 1941, the girl’s father died at the front, and 6 years later, her mother died of tuberculosis.

Fortunately, the Polskikh still did not end up in the orphanage: caring neighbors found the orphan’s own grandmother in Belarus, and she came to another country to bring up her granddaughter. Grandmother worked as a cleaner in a semi-basement grocery store, and her granddaughter studied independence from an early age – she graduated well from school and entered the acting department at VGIK.

Galina Polskikh 2

There, in the corridors, she ran into her future husband, a student of the directing department Faik Hasanov. He attracted the girl with his charisma, temperamental character and insight.

She fell in love with the guy completely, and after a few months she got married, and a year later gave birth to her daughter Irada. For the sake of the baby, she had to take an academic leave: she was ready to sacrifice her education in order to become a good mother and give her daughter what she did not receive herself.

An affair on the side and the sudden death of a spouse

But it was not possible to create harmony in the family. As soon as the girl went to work, new passions awaited her: on the set of the film “Wild Dog Dingo”, the actress had an affair with director Stanislav Chaplin. The lovers failed to hide their relationship, and the husband came to the set to figure it out.

Faik Hasanov, Galina Polskikh and their daughter Irada
Faik Hasanov, Galina Polskikh and their daughter Irada

Surprisingly, the man did not throw tantrums and scandals. He took the mother of his child aside and said that he understood her impulse, because she got married too early and did not have time to know life. Faik added that he was ready to forget the girl’s betrayal if she returned to him. And Polskikh agreed.

But the happiness in the family did not last long … In 1965 Hasanov died tragically. He was only 27 years old. Galina is left alone with her 5-year-old daughter in her arms. Polskikh still admits that, despite subsequent novels, Faik was and remains the main love of her life.

Bad romance and poverty

But there is no time for tears. You need to raise your daughter, earn money, build a career and move on. During her fruitful creative work, Galina met her second husband – by the way, also a director.

She again quickly legalized the relationship and hoped that a white streak had finally begun in life, and her daughter would feel: what it was like when there was a father.

Galina Polskikh 4

But vivid feelings quickly faded away, and everyday life supplanted all the good that connected them. Galina filed for divorce – just being pregnant!

And things got worse. After the birth of Masha’s second daughter, the artist was rarely called to the cinema – especially since she had to bring the babies directly to the set, and this did not suit the directors. There was nothing to feed the heiresses, the family was in poverty. All the novels ended quickly, bringing only tears and pain.

In such a deplorable situation, the single mother spent several years – only years later, the artist’s life began to improve. In many ways, by the way, due to the fact that she got a role in the film “Front without flanks.”

Galina Polskikh 5

Happy ending

Polskikh grew up early and achieved everything herself. But now she is one of the most famous Soviet artists. Now Galina is 81 years old, and she looks just incredible. She has more than 200 paintings under her belt, and the list is constantly growing. For a long time she played in the play by Mikhail Zadornov and went on tour, and now she is acting in famous TV series – for example, “The Good Wife”, “Cold Shores” and “Filatov”.

Galina Polskikh 6

Favorite work is a real salvation that kept a woman afloat for many years. The great power of art, it seems, is what keeps Galina Aleksandrovna in this good shape – she says that she simply does not see the point in life without a film set and will play until her last breath.

And the daughters, to whom Polskikh devoted all the time that she was not on stage, grew up happy, successful and grateful to their mother for what she did for them. It was not for nothing that the artist said all her life that work is work and novels are novels, and “Children and grandchildren are most important!”

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