The word you see will describe you with precision

Psychotherapists often use these tests to diagnose clients’ personality conditions. What a person is fixated on, what energy he is in, what he is now – answers to these and other questions are received during word tests.

What do we have to do? Take a look at the illustration and remember the FIRST word you see (words occur vertically and horizontally).

Colady illustration
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TEST: The word that you see first will describe you with accuracy

So you saw the word …

  • Ice floe – The people around you believe that you are a strong and unapproachable person. But, in fact, you are in dire need of protection and patronage. Subconsciously, you strive to receive love from the people around you, you are afraid to experience pain, so you offend yourself. You can be rude and angry, but this is your mask.
  • Gold – Your self-esteem can only be envied! Consider yourself a brilliant person who deserves respect. You can be vain, too proud and arrogant. It is important for you that the people around you appreciate you, admire and respect you. Love luxury. In any company, you prefer to stay in sight, and if someone else is in the spotlight, you get very upset.
  • Apple tree – You are a wonderful family man. Children, partner, parents and siblings come first for you. Never sacrifice them for work. You will do whatever you want for your loved ones. Family is your main support and support. When someone from the household is not around, you suffer and get nervous.
  • Fireworks – You are a holiday man. Love to have fun. You adore being the center of attention in a circle of both familiar and unfamiliar people. Your mind contains a ton of original ideas. In life you are a creator, that is, a creative person. Are subject to frequent mood swings. They are very emotional.
  • Cat – You are a self-righteous and self-sufficient person who values ​​freedom. You only feel comfortable when you plan and rule yourself. You do not know how to obey. You make high demands on people. Earning your trust is not easy. Fall on flattery. You don’t know how to change, so you surround yourself with people who love you the way you are.
  • Diamond – You love to be in the spotlight. You like it when people admire you. Praise and compliments are your main motivators. You are a luxurious person with a lot of merits. But you also have disadvantages, like arrogance. When dealing with people you don’t like, you can be rude and arrogant.

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