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The marriage of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones is quite unusual. This is largely due to the solid age difference between the two stars. Nevertheless, their love turned out to be strong and wise. The actors have worked hard and continue to work on the relationship. Michael Douglas himself is sure that his maturity and experience, acquired as a result of the mistakes he made in his first marriage, contributed to this.

Michael’s first marriage to a drug addict son

In 1977, the 32-year-old actor married the young Diandra Luker after just two weeks of courtship, and a year later they had a son, Cameron. But soon the marriage began to burst at the seams: both Michael and Diandra had a priority on a career – this affected their relationship.

Michael Douglas with his son Cameron
Michael Douglas with his son Cameron

As time went on, discontent and contradictions grew. Douglas developed a drinking problem and underwent medical treatment in 1992. It was rumored that the actor was also cheating on his wife.

The marriage effectively ended in 1999 when their son went to jail for drug possession. After very public and violent legal battles, the couple divorced in 2000.

“I don’t think two minuses are a plus. I do not want to stoop to such a level as to show everyone at least the tip of the iceberg, – said Diandra Luker in a very frank interview for Harpers Bazaar in 2011. – I loved Michael when I married him. And I don’t think that love has evaporated. It can change, but I’m sure hatred is wrong. “

Michael Douglas commented on his first marriage in his own way:

“I have nothing against her, and I am okay with my ex-wife, but to be honest, we should have divorced 10 years earlier. Only later did I realize that if you go to a psychologist to solve family problems, then it is in his interests to save the marriage. Because if you get divorced, he will have no one to earn money. “

Michael’s second marriage and mature love

Immediately after the divorce, the actor married Catherine Zeta-Jones. But this time he tried to be the best husband and father.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Jones
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

The couple went through their ups and downs:

  • Throughout 13 years of marriage, the couple endured constant criticism due to their age difference;
  • Cameron’s second term for drugs;
  • Michael’s throat cancer.

As a result, the couple broke up in 2013, but after a while they reunited again, rethinking a lot.

In addition, this time Michael Douglas was ready to do anything to “fix” the relationship and not repeat the same mistakes that destroyed his marriage to Diandra.

In 2015, the actor admitted to Ellen DeGeneres:

“I’m crazy about Katherine. You know, every couple has their own tough times. But we are together again, stronger than ever. It’s a long road and I think people give up too quickly. And you should not give up at the first problem, because, alas, it will not be the last problem. “

Michael Douglas and Catherine Jones 2

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