5 best matte lipsticks under 250 rubles

5 best matte lipsticks under 250 rubles - budget matte lipsticks like luxuryMatte lipstick from the budget category is able to “compete” with the luxury segment. The durability and uniformity of the coating, the absence of a hint of shine, density and soft consistency, moisturizing and nourishing the skin with useful substances – these requirements are imposed on lipsticks from professional cosmetics.

But even for 250 rubles there is an opportunity to purchase high quality products.

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5 best matte lipsticks under 250 rubles - budget matte lipsticks like luxury

Luxvisage Pin Up Ultra Matt

Pin Up Ultra Matt lipstick can compete with products from L’Oréal or Bourjois.

The product is appreciated for its natural ingredients, the most delicate creamy texture and easy application. You can do without a pencil: cosmetics do not spread, creating a matte powdery effect. The result is an intense, deep and sensual color.

And the price of Luxvisage Pin Up Ultra Matt is as affordable as possible: 180-230 rubles.

Luxvisage Pin Up Ultra Matt Luxvisage Pin Up Ultra Matt

The product is produced by the Belarusian company Lux Visage, adhering to the 3 in 1 formula: exceptional comfort, durability, matte finish.

It is recommended to pre-moisturize your lips before application. The product dries up for several minutes, without tightening the skin and without crumbling. Although inexpensive, this matte lipstick has a moisturizing and nourishing effect. The secret is in the increased content of vitamin E and oils.

As part of Pin Up Ultra Matt:

  • Vegetable oils, triglycerides, vitamins C and E – intensively moisturize and nourish the skin, create a protective layer.
  • Castor oil is known for its healing properties.
  • Microcrystalline paraffin is completely safe, has a protective effect, serves as a stabilizer and thickener.
  • Watermelon flavor – this gives the product a sweetish smell with a slight fruity sourness.
  • Caprylic Triglyceride – Made from coconut oil, it has a moisturizing and softening effect.
  • Powder microparticles – create a feeling of velvety softness, even especially bright or dark shades look more delicate.

The composition cannot be called completely natural, but the emphasis is on useful components. The rest of the substances are synthetic, but safe. There are a small amount of fragrances and color pigments.

Resilience is not Pin Up Ultra Matt’s strong suit. But the product lasts for several hours, withstanding the test of tea or coffee. The cosmetics are easy to apply again – thanks to the oily consistency, this is a pleasant procedure. There are no unpainted places.

You can buy lipstick on popular platforms such as TIU, Ozone or Lamoda.

Relouis Matte lipstick “Nude Matte Complimenti”: “nude pleasure”

Affordable matte lipsticks last long on lips for long-lasting, streak-free, streak-free coverage. And also – to please with the density of color. An example is Nude Matte Complimenti from the Belarusian manufacturer Relouis.

The cost of such cosmetics is 180-250 rubles, depending on the store.

High durability – and therefore pigmentation – are not the only advantages of Nude Matte Complimenti. The cosmetic product does not roll or spread, does not dry lips, does not lose color saturation. Dries up instantly.

Even the applicator, which is considered a classic for this type of cosmetics, is convenient: the soft and beveled tip allows you to apply the product neatly along the contour without a pencil.

Relouis Matte lipstick Relouis Matte lipstick

Consisting of:

  • Nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.
  • Persistent microparticles – create a rich shade.
  • Dimethicone – forms a protective film against dirt.
  • A fragrance reminiscent of almonds.
  • Beeswax.
  • Flavors.

Increased durability is one of the main features of Nude Matte Complimenti. Makeup lasts 3-4 hours if you do not eat or drink. However, coffee with chocolate will not spoil your cosmetics. Remove Nude Matte Complimenti with oil based makeup remover.

The consistency is thick, mousse. The shade can be layered. Freezes in about a minute.

Like other matte lipsticks of the mass market, Nude Matte Complimenti is sold on, Lamoda and other online stores and platforms.

How to choose a lipstick color – and not be mistaken?

Kredo Lux Lipstick: from a brand with history

A variety of fashionable matte shades are offered by the Latvian manufacturer Dzintars. This is a trademark with a history – the company appeared in the middle of the 19th century. The firm tests its developments in huge laboratories, where half a thousand specialists work. The emphasis is on the naturalness and organic nature of the products.

For many, Kredo Lux Lipstick is the best inexpensive matte lipstick. This is a variety of fashionable shades, which allows you to choose the desired color – 53 tones.

The product is prized for its neutral odor, texture and durability. The application is light, the lipstick lies evenly and softly on the lips. A dense shimmering finish is created.

Kredo Lux Lipstick

The product contains vitamins and moisturizing ingredients. Various oils are used: sea buckthorn, castor, lanolin, cocoa. The skin of the lips is well nourished thanks to vitamins A and E. The composition also contains an extract of seaweed, which gives a jelly-like form to the product. Wet shine is created with lanolin.

The product stays on the lips for 5-6 hours. At the same time, the attractiveness and color saturation are not lost. Of course, if you do not eat or drink. Thanks to the nourishing elements, the cosmetics do not dry out the lips. It can be easily removed with a simple paper towel or micellar water.

The cost of Kredo Lux Lipstick varies from 144 to 170 rubles.

You can buy this matte lipstick inexpensively on the official website of the brand or in stores in Moscow.

Maybelline Hydra Extreme: Maximum Hydration

With Hydra Extreme from Maybelline New York, you can forget about dry lips – it moisturizes the skin well. No tightness or cracks, maximum moisture. The product is produced under the Maybelline New York brand, which belongs to the French company L’Oréal.

The lipstick is prized for maximum hydration and flawless matte finish. The secret is in a light, well-pigmented consistency. You can do without additional balms and oils. It contains enough nourishing ingredients to give your lips a perfect matte finish, while providing the necessary hydration.

Maybelline hydra extreme

Maybelline Hydra Extreme contains the following substances:

  • Nutritive oils – are responsible for hydration.
  • The active ingredient allantoin – cares for the skin of the lips.
  • Gel formula – protects the skin from UV rays, reduces the likelihood of premature aging and wrinkles.
  • Sweet perfumed fragrance.

This matte lipstick holds well, but is easily erased with a sponge and does not smudge. You need to renew the cosmetic product every 2-3 hours.

Thanks to the product, the lips are noticeably more sensual. The cosmetics have a pleasant texture – not very liquid and not very thick. Just what you need for good product distribution.

The approximate cost of cosmetics is 170-225 rubles.

You can buy on Ozone, the Beru marketplace from Sberbank and Yandex, and on other Internet platforms.

Essence Velvet Matte Lipstick: vibrant colors

A bright shade, a velvety matte finish, a feeling of softness and comfort – all this is Velvet Matte Lipstick.

The cosmetic is produced under the Essence brand (by Cosnova GmbH from Germany). The company’s products are known in 35 countries around the world.

Velvet Matte Lipstick is considered one of the best budget matte lipsticks for a reason. The manufacturer offers dozens of shades to choose from – all colors are bright. The formula is highly pigmented – just enough layer to create an even, rich coverage. Both the nude shade and the darkest shade do not roll or leave streaks when applied.

Essence Velvet Matte Lipstick

Other benefits of the product include:

  • Creamy texture, very creamy.
  • Moisture.
  • Gentle application thanks to a pleasant creamy texture.
  • High durability.
  • Light semi-matt finish.

The product contains a formula enriched with nourishing oils. This keeps the lips hydrated. Mattifying pigments create a luxurious velvety texture without overdrying the skin. The texture of the lipstick is creamy. It glides on softly and easily.

The fragrance is light, cosmetic and unobtrusive.

This matte lipstick is sold cheaply at Ozone, in the Beru! Marketplace. and on other platforms. The average cost is from 156 to 235 rubles.

Lipsticks from a budget niche can really not be inferior to luxury cosmetics. Each tool has its own strengths. Some manufacturers focus on a particularly rich color or increased moisture. Others – on the fastness of the shade or density. On the lips, the color will last from 3 to 6 hours.

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