Top 10 Fashion Trends for Autumn 2021/2022

Fashion weeks are finally over, which means it’s time to take stock and talk about the main trends from the world shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris, many of which were held in the already familiar online format.

And although it is likely that the upcoming season may not be so rich in events where one can boast of new looks (after all, the fashion month is over, but the pandemic is not), it will still be very bright, elegant and sometimes even extravagant.

We offer you to see for yourself by looking at 10 fashion trends for autumn and winter 2021/2022.

1. Klondike

If in adulthood you never managed to make friends with hats, then in the fall of this year you can start getting to know other representatives of hats – kerchiefs. This is a great alternative to boring beanie hats and berets, which will undoubtedly add chic to even the simplest look.

All sorts of options are in fashion: silk and leather, monochromatic, for example, in trendy lavender or emerald shades, as well as with prints.

If you don’t know which pattern to choose, rely on roses: this year’s floral print was generally more relevant than ever, but with the onset of cold weather, changing small daisies to large scarlet flowers is a great idea.

Versace Photos

2. Bags with print

This season, monograms are returning to us, as well as all sorts of other prints: from discreet geometric to the brightest abstract.

Top 10 Fall 2021/2022 Fashion Trends From Colady Stylists
Balmain Photos

3. Sequins and sequins

In the new season, designers propose to add sparkle to the things we are used to in a very unusual way. Take a look at these metallic down jacket liners in the Louis Vuitton collection

By the way, Prada went further and embroidered the lining of their fur coats and fur capes with sequins for even more glamor this winter. A great opportunity to add a little celebration to your daily life!

Well, if modesty is not about you, then the designers suggest that you go beyond the inner side of your clothes: shimmering boots, shiny skirts and tops, as well as sparkling bags and accessories – absolutely anything is possible in the fall-winter 2021 season.

The main thing is to combine accent pieces with basic wardrobe items so as not to turn your outfit into a stage outfit.

Sequins and sequins
Photo Louis Vuitton

4. Grandma’s sweater

We wore vests all year. In the new season, they are being replaced by vintage-inspired sweaters, similar to those worn by our grandmothers: cozy, slightly prickly and with quirky prints.

Top 10 Fall 2021/2022 Fashion Trends From Colady Stylists
Chanel Photos

5. Pointed sneakers

It seems that we have not yet had time to recover from chunky Balenciaga sneakers (and, finally, switch to laconic white sneakers), when the trend on uglyshoes is back again. Moreover, this time the trend is reaching a completely new level – the sneakers now have a sharp cape.

Velcro, running or boots – which option would you choose?

Top 10 Fall 2021/2022 Fashion Trends From Colady Stylists
Photo by Kiko Kostadinov

6. Bright coats

No matter how autumn turns out, even cloudy and rainy, this is not a reason to lose heart. Give the bright shades of the coat that will definitely cheer you up!

Top 10 Fall 2021/2022 Fashion Trends From Colady Stylists
Prada Photos

7. Knitwear with stripes

Since we often wear jerseys with the onset of cold weather, let them not be boring. This season we are choosing strips of various sizes and colors. Jumper, cozy suit or dress? You decide!

Top 10 Fall 2021/2022 Fashion Trends From Colady Stylists
Photo by Kiko Kostadinov

8. Fringe

Fringe was already on trend last fall. This year she returns again, and quite deservedly: such a detail, be it a bag, dress or outerwear, perfectly refreshes the image and is suitable not only for casual outfits, but also for special occasions.

Hermes Photos

9. Accent sleeves

Very long sleeves (yes, almost like Pierrot) for creating relaxed and casual looks for every day, or wing sleeves for evening outings with a touch of dramatic chic – both options are good in the coming fall. The trendy look is guaranteed!

Top 10 Fall 2021/2022 Fashion Trends From Colady Stylists
Balmain Photos

10. Lavender color

Our selection ends with perhaps the main trend of the fall-winter 2021/2022 season. And that’s lavender. The designers decided to extend the summer, and therefore in the new season they invite us to dress in the colors of lavender fields. Bright accent or lavender total-look – what will your fall be like?

Top 10 Fall 2021/2022 Fashion Trends From Colady Stylists
Photo by JilSander

Of course, the fashion trends of this fall and winter do not end here. With the onset of cold weather, we will wear many more interesting things: high fur boots, fur bags, transparent dresses and a bunch of everything that we will tell you about in a short time, and what should definitely be introduced into our wardrobe in order to catch admiring glances on ourselves every now and then.

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