Top 10 Snow Gear You Need For the Winter

If you’re planning to become active in outdoor winter activities, there are some things you’ll need to be aware of in order to have the best experience possible. Even the most athletic individual is likely to encounter a learning curve when it comes to cold-weather adventures. Of utmost importance is ensuring you have the clothing and supplies to stay safe and comfortable during your outings. Check out this overview of the top ten snow gear you’ll need this winter to be sure you’re prepared.

1. Base Layers

When it comes to frigid weather activities, one of the most important strategies for gearing up is the proper layering of your clothing. Having a variety of layers allows you to add or remove items as necessary to ensure optimal body temperature. Being too cold can lead to hypothermia.

However, if excessive sweating causes your clothes to become damp, this could also cause hypothermia. Layering is your best defense. Start with base layers in breathable, natural materials like light wool or other sweat-wicking fabric.

2. Lightweight Jacket

Adding a light jacket on top of your base layers is a must-have. With a jacket made of thinner insulating material, you’ll be able to maintain warmth in the event you need to remove your heavier outer coat.

This can occur when you’re exerting yourself heavily during a steep climb or another physically strenuous endeavor. Choose lightweight jackets containing insulating materials like down feathers or synthetic polyfill.

3. Outer Jacket

Not everyone prefers to wear an oversized outer coat when engaging in cold weather physical activities. Many find a layering of lighter garments works just fine. Remember, you don’t want to overheat and become sweaty. However, it is good to have an outer shell layer with you when you’re less active or resting. You’ll also need it to block rain, snow, or wind. You’ll want to stay warm and dry.

4. Warm Socks

Frostbite of the bodily extremities is a serious threat when hiking or skiing in freezing temperatures. Therefore, warm socks should be a part of your winter sports wardrobe. Genuine wool socks are often the best choice, as they’re breathable, warm, and comfortable. Look for socks on the thicker side for the colder months.

5. Boots

If you’re going to be outside in the winter months for an extended amount of time, you’ll want at least one pair of good-quality boots. The kind of boots you invest in will vary, depending on the activity you choose. A simple pair of snow boots can be just fine for those who are heading out to shovel the walk or play with the kids. Winter hiking boots are recommended for avid hikers, as this type of footwear is made specially to withstand low temperatures.

6. Accessories

Winter accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves are likely something you already have in your closet. You may want to invest in specialty hiking gloves, ski gloves, or other specialty items based on your chosen pursuit. Keeping your head, ears, neck, and fingers toasty is crucial for your safety.

7. Sunglasses

You probably think of summer when someone mentions sunglasses. However, they’re just as important in the winter. This is particularly true in the snow when the sun’s rays bounce off of the vast whiteness.

8. Sunscreen

Along these lines, you won’t want to be without sun protection for your skin. Apply it regularly to your exposed areas. Chapstick is another item you might want to have with you to protect your lips from the cold and wind.

9. Backpack

You’ll need something to carry your extra layers in. A waterproof, yet lightweight, backpack should do the trick.

10. Snow-Specific Items

There are some items you’ll specifically want to consider if you’re planning to be engaging in snowy activities. Hikers should look into crampons for added traction. Snowshoe poles can assist you in keeping your balance. Research your specific winter pastime to be sure you’re ready to tackle the snow.

11. Bottom Line

This list of snow gear should provide you with a good start toward staying safe this winter. These items are certainly worth the investment when it comes to your comfort and well-being.

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