Top 7 Best Restaurants in Valencia to Try

With over two million people visiting Valencia every year, you need to focus your attention on any visit to ensure you get the best out of your trip. Finding the most enjoyable activities can ensure you do not waste your time and come out of your journey with stories and memories that will last.

So, as one example, what are the very best restaurants in Valencia where you can get the greatest food and service?

This article will describe seven of the best places for you to enjoy a meal in this historic city. So, the next time you visit, check each one out.

1. Casa Carmela

The Casa Carmela is famed for its paella, and this focus on one specific food allows them to improve it year on year. When you go, you can have the assurance it is the best paella they have ever made, and this shows with how popular this place gets.

If you have never tried this epitome of Spanish cuisine before, you need to visit in one of the quieter times. Allow a chance to savor the unique flavors that come from this location.

After we ordered, we watched them cook the fish-stock-infused rice over an open wood fire, adding fresh and local ingredients as it simmered. We did not even go too adventurous, with the Seafood Paella, and it lit up our tastebuds. We wanted the Paella Valenciana, but we were told we needed to book that in advance as they needed to source the ingredients.

We made a promise to return here should we ever come back to the city, and we knew we would keep it. We even might order the Valenciana ahead of time.

2. Ricard Camarena Restaurant

There are only a few Valencia Michelin restaurants that we found we wanted to try, and this one intrigued us. We wanted a very elegant meal for a romantic getaway, and we found ourselves both enjoying the beautiful decor and the wonderful service.

As for the food, it was absolutely to die for. We heard that the menu changes every day, but the chef made an exquisite meal out of what they had in for that evening. I and my partner had a mix of seafood dishes, chicken, fruit, and a few other dishes.

If I am honest, it was hard to keep up with every one of these wonderful Valencian meals, but by the end, we felt satisfied. We would recommend it to anyone wanting an intimate time.

3. La Salita

This cute little 18th-Century home hosts one of the most famous restaurants in the area. It is a small townhouse with cozy decor and only a few tables so we felt cared for.

We tried the tasting menu, and the waiter explained to us the significance of each course as well as the theme of the meal. It was a little lost on us, but we could not complain as the courses were both delicious and delicate.

Definitely give it a go for the decor, food, and because it is an experience more than anything else. Where else can you say you have dined in a historic dining room in a tiny townhouse in Valencia?

4. Navarro

Of all the restaurants in Spain we visited, this one offered some of the heartiest meals. We had the paella, but as we looked around we noticed that so did everybody else. While they do not specialize in it, it does seem to have hooked everyone.

At the same time, the service was both friendly and thoughtful, offering drinks suggestions and helping us navigate the menu. We ended up briefly chatting to some of the servers as they went around, and felt almost at home in this small location. Very much one to check out if you are in the area.

5. Restaurante El Poblet

As this was another tasting menu restaurant, we were almost going to skip this option. I am glad we did not, as the foods were much more exciting and unique than many of the other locations we went to.

Along with some glorious rich tastes in the food, we found that the people serving us were both knowledgeable and kind. We had some dietary needs, and they were able to accommodate us with ease.

They were also able to pair small quantities of very good wine with many of the courses. These worked very well with the flavors on offer, showing they knew their stuff.

6. La Pepica

This is more of a classic restaurant experience like the kind my parents enjoy. Many tables, with a hubbub of atmosphere.

Despite this casual mood, the food was very hearty and wholesome. Their seafood tasted fresh and we would likely come back if we wanted a relaxed evening without too much pizazz.

Of all the places to eat in Valencia, though, this one had some of the best views. We stepped out a couple of times, and our view of the sea was splendid.

7. La Sucursal

While this place felt much more modern than many of the other restaurants on this list, we enjoyed the food nevertheless. Between us, we had several seafood dishes, and they were so good we ended up sharing each one with the group.

We also loved the views out the window. Looking out into the Marina, we longed to go for a short walk along the water and finished our evening with just that.

Of course, if you want to see even more popular restaurants, you can always visit restaurantes Valencia and check out the options.

More of the Best Restaurants in Valencia

With these options in mind, you know you are only checking out the best restaurants in Valencia. Still, the city is large, and there is only so much you can do in any one visit.

Lucky for you, we have several articles to help people who are visiting new places to help them enjoy their trip. So, check out our block and learn how to make the most of any location.

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